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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Rejuvenating Hairstyles

    Hairdos That Make You Look Younger

    We all want to look younger. Our anti-ageing tip: Try a different hairstyle! You can make yourself appear a few years younger with the right look. Scalpel, creams, anti-wrinkle treatments? No need. We show you hairdos and colours that truly are the fountain of youth

  • Hairstyles for Mature Women

    Hairstyles for Mature Women

    Not long ago, mature women were nudged into cutting their hair short. Today’s older women could not care less about such ‘rules’. Stars like Sharon Stone and Michelle Pfeiffer show soft and sexy hairstyles for women in their fifties and beyond

    Hairstyles for Women at 50-Plus
  • Styles that Work: Hair Styles for Mature People

    Top Hair Styles for Mature Women

    The hair changes as people age. In our mature years, hair needs more conditioning and care. Different aspects play a role in styling as well. We show you suitable hair styles for mature women. Hopefully, our tips give you a leg up on the rest of the best agers

    Hair Styles for Best Agers