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Volume Boost for Thin Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair
Lana Del Rey demonstrates how curls and waves impart bounce and movement to thin hair
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A few simple skills can enable you to boost the volume of thin hair. It is quite possible to give thin hair long-lasting volume and bounce even without spending a lot of time blow-drying your hair while pulling it over a round brush. It is all a matter of selecting the optimal hairstyles for thin hair and using a few helpful methods to create the appearance of a full head of hair

  • Many women complain about thin, limb hair. Without vibrancy and bounce their hair clings close to the head. The diameter of fine hair is only one fifth of the diameter of regular hair, which explains the lack of volume. While the hair's thickness is genetically determined, we can still give thin hair the desired appearance of rich volume. Over time, professionals have provided us with an arsenal of hairstyles and styling methods to bring out the best qualities of the hair nature provided.

  • Thin Hair: Hairstyles for Optimal Volume

    Thin hair requires blunt haircuts to look thicker. The hair needs to be cut to the same length rather than fringed. Regular haircuts are required to avoid split ends. Frizzy ends only deepen the appearance of insufficient volume.

    In general, shorter or medium length hairstyles are better suited for thin hair than long hairstyles because the shorter hair displays more bounce. Pixie haircuts for example look more voluminous by virtue of the haircut alone. If however your heart is set on having long hair you should consider having a Schwarzkopf hair professional layer-cut your hair. You can then blow-dry your hair while brushing the ends outward over a round brush. This creates the impressions of movement and added volume.

    Quick Hairstyle Help: Wear a side parting and wear it on the opposite side every day. This change alone makes the root portion of your hair stand up taller. As a result your hair will appear bouncier and therefore fuller.

  • Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Rich Looking Hair through Sophisticated Colouring

    Colour can add sophisticated highlights and shading to thin hair, which in turn creates the impression of more volume. Colour treatments also lead to slight swelling and thickening of the hair. This mixture of real thickening and optical illusion is best created treating your hair with a mixture of brown and blonde hair colours.

  • Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Thickening by Means of Styling Products

    Volumising products give your hair a more vibrant look. Especially formulated products like volumising shampoo, volumising spray, styling mousse, volumising powder and blow-dry spray are designed to make your hair appear fuller and bouncier.

    Be sure to always thoroughly rinse out all shampoo and styling products. Otherwise, the residual products may weigh down your hair, which is not what women with thin hair would particularly appreciate. After shampooing, apply conditioner only to the hair ends (below ear level) to avoid adding to the limb appearance.

  • Hairstyles for Thin Hair: Styling Tools to Create the Appearance of Ample Volume

    Aside from detangling and styling your hair, combs and brushes can also create the appearance of ample volume.

    Styling combs and brushes can also be used to tease the hair. Creating a rougher hair shaft makes the hair appear fuller. Using a skeleton brush on the root portion of your hair during blow-drying provides additional bounce. Use a flat iron, curling iron, diffuser and curlers to curl your hair. The curls and waves make styling thin hair easier and give the impression of movement, bounce and rich volume. Be sure to blow-dry your hair against the natural direction of growth to provide more bounce.

    In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach demonstrates how to add volume to your hair in a few easy steps.

    We hope the photos of stars and models in our gallery inspire you to find the right hairstyle for your thin hair.

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