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How to Prevent Split Hair Ends

Preventing Split Ends
We share with you the pertinent facts about split hair ends and explain how to prevent the problem
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Make an end of split ends! We explain how split ends develop, what to do when they occur, and what to do to prevent them

  • Especially long hair is in jeopardy of splitting in two at the ends because it is exposed to a lot of friction. Split hair ends are not only an aesthetic problem, they are also a symptom of over-processed and damaged hair.

    Split ends may have many causes such as the use of hair products, which are not suitable for your hair, mechanical stress due to friction (hair contact with fabrics) or due to rough combing or brushing or exposure to excessive heat (use of hair dryers or curling irons at harsh settings). Under such conditions split ends are almost inevitable especially if the hair ends are rarely cut.

  • Split Hair End Remedies

    Once split hair ends are present, getting rid of the problem can be difficult. Happily, preventing split ends is easy. Regular conditioning with sera and fluids for your special hair type will do the trick.

    Of equal importance are your hair styling tools. Always use top quality combs and brushes without exposed seams such as saw-cut horn combs and brushes with natural bristles.

    Heat styling tools (blow dryer and styling aids) should have adjustable heat settings and used only at low heat settings.

    Hair and hair ends are especially sensitive when wet. Care is therefore necessary when drying hair or towelling it dry (dab it rather than rub the hair dry).

    It is fairly easy to stop hair ends from splitting. However, once split ends exist they are hard to repair. Special hair end fluid can stick the split ends back together so that a haircut can be postponed for a while. However, if split ends are a severe problem a haircut may be unavoidable. As a general rule, regularly cutting the hair ends will prevent split hair ends.

  • Split Hair End Prevention Using Hair Treatments, Serum, and Oils

    Hair problems like split ends can be prevented or alleviated by using shampoos, rinses, oils, and treatments, which are designed to prevent or treat the problem. Moisturising and nourishing hair care products go a long way toward protecting hair and preventing hair damage. Deeply penetrating ingredients seal the hair ends thus preventing more hair ends from splitting apart.