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No More Frizz! How to Make Hair Smooth Again

No More Frizz
Frizz-free, supple hair is the perfect starting point for a classy look
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Supple, harmonious, gleaming – that is how we want our hair! If only frizz would not keep rearing its ugly head. Get the frizzy little hairs standing out from your head under control: we present the five best tips to make frizzy hair a thing of the past

  • Proper moisture balance is essential for healthy, supple hair. But there are some factors that can interfere with this balance. Dry air for instance (in heated rooms) or styling heat can rob the hair of essential moisture. This causes the hairs to loose elasticity and start to bend, resulting in frizz. Unfortunately the opposite is no better. When the hair gets too much moisture, for example due to humid air, it swells up and frizzes as well.

    A brush alone is hardly adequate in such situations, but we have a few other tips and tricks: with special care and the right styling, you can easily prevent frizz or get rid of it again quickly.

  • The Top 5 Smoothers: Frizz Does Not Stand a Chance

  • No More Frizz
    Simply beautiful: silky hair does not require elaborate styling sessions to look great
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    1. Anti-frizz lotion: This smoothing fluid tames frizzy hair, making it silky smooth again. To make sure it stays that way, the lotion contains a UV filter and also protects the hair against styling heat.

    2. Care: The right pampering program supplies the hair with sufficient moisture. Care series with innovative micro-oils for instance lend suppleness and make the hair feel soft. You should also indulge your hair with an intensive treatment every now and then. This rebuilds the surface structure of the hair and nourishes it with essential proteins. It makes the hair all around healthy again – and that shows!

    3. Hairspray: Frizzy little hairs can be especially bothersome at the hairline. Hairspray can cure this problem: simply apply it to a discarded toothbrush and use it to smooth down the hairs. It is best to use a product with a light formula so the hair stays down without appearing gummy.

    4. Hair oil: An excellent way to keep the lengths and ends under control. Not only does the oil smooth the hair, it also lends it a wonderful gloss without heaviness.

    5. Proper blow drying: Always use heat protectant before blow drying. This prevents hot air from drying out your hair. Also be sure to always blow dry towards the ends so the hair surface is not roughened further.