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Man’s Business: What Does Men’s Hair Need?

Haircare for men
Wash and go? Proper hair care offers so much more! Everything a man should know...
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From the cool short cut to the trendy long hairstyle – a well-kempt look starts on the head. We tell you what is important for men’s hair, what care products are available and how to apply them correctly. Only the best for the man! You will find all of the tips & tricks here:

  • The lords of creation are pragmatic as a rule. Even when it comes to hair care. They usually go for a quick solution: Some shampoo or all-in-one product and you are done! But if men knew what they could get out of their hair with the right care products and that the effort is not that much greater, yet the effect all the more so... That is why we are shining a light and guiding men through the diversity of products.

  • Hair Care Guide

    Too flat, too flaky, too greasy: You can find the right product on the shelf for any hair problem! We offer a guide to help you find your way through the hair care jungle.


    What matters when you are looking for the right shampoo?

  • Our tip:
    Take a look at your hair habits. Then decide.

  • Do you wash it daily, every second day or even more than once a day? Do you use any styling products? Does your hair feel strawy? Do you want washing to be quick? Knowing all of this is important in order to find the best shampoo.

    If your hair tends to be greasy, then you likely want to wash it at least once a day in order to feel comfortable. Our recommendation: Use a mild shampoo recommended for 'greasy' or 'oily' hair.
    Extra tip: Use a styling gel. It lifts the base of the hair off the scalp so it does not get greasy so soon. Also avoid touching your hair too often since this transports more of your own skin oils into the hair.

    If you used styling products regularly, be sure to wash hair wax and so on out of your hair in the evening. A mild shampoo is the best choice for daily washing.

    If your hair tends to be flat and lifeless, try a caffeine shampoo to stimulate circulation and ensure adequate nutrition for the roots of your hair.

    Dry scalp and white flakes on dark clothing? Dandruff can really spoil your day. But special dandruff shampoo quickly eliminates this bothersome hair problem. Active ingredients such as zinc pyrithion for example fight fungus (the cause of severe dandruff) and thereby reduce flaking of the scalp.

    Don’t hesitate to reach for 2-in-1 shampoo when you are in a hurry. This favourite time saver promises cleanliness and care in one washing – a dream for men!

  • Conditioner

    Think you are done after shampooing? Sorry guys, but basic hair care demands a little more: Conditioner for instance. Give your hair a rinse after shampooing (whether daily or not). It protects your hair by coating the roughened exterior scale layer with a light film after washing. Not only does this make hair easier to comb and style after washing, but flyaway hair is a thing of the past as well.

    Hair treatment (for long men’s hair)

    The pampering program continues. Use a hair treatment with intensive active ingredients weekly for extra care. In between you can also care for your hair with what is called a rinse or 2-minute intensive treatment. Severely damaged hair is best pampered with a deep repair package. Not enough time? No problem, almost all of today’s hair treatments are lightning fast: The treatment time is between one and five minutes.

  • Hair tonic

    Looking for more volume? Try a hair tonic. This product which is usually made of liquid herbal extracts regenerates hair from the roots to the tips and promotes circulation. The result: A vital scalp with strong, glossy hair. What more can men want?

  • Care tips

    • The best product does no good if you quickly rinse it out after just a few seconds. Exposure time is the magic word: Sweeten the time with a nice scalp massage. Or be practical: Shaving and brushing your teeth effectively pass the time.
    • Shampoo, conditioner or extra hair treatment (except for leave-in products): Please be sure to rinse thoroughly. Residue in the hair adds unnecessary weight, quickly making it appear stringy and therefore unkempt.