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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Improper Colouring: Orange Hair

    Orange Hair: The Most Common Colouring Mistakes

    Colouring your own hair at home is really quite simple. You can even create beautiful streaked looks in your own bathroom these days with DIY methods. But things happen: a bit of a colouring mishap and suddenly your hair is orange. We reveal what you need to look out for when colouring in order to spare you this fate

    Correct Colouring
  • Hair Colour Trend: Lived-In Colour

    Lived-In Colour: The Hair Colour Trend of the Season

    When beauty bloggers and hairstyling professionals post this many pictures with the hashtag #livedinlook, it must be a new trend. We got to the bottom of things: what is lived-in, what does it look like and how do you get the style of the hour in your hair?

    Colouration Trend
  • Hair Contouring

    Hair Contouring: What is it?

    Just when we learned that the facial shape can be perfectly modelled with makeup, the next contouring trend comes along – this time for your hair. Special colouration techniques allow you to bring out certain facial features to best advantage or to conceal small flaws. Presenting everything you need to know about the new hair contouring trend

    Colouring to Enhance Your Beauty
  • Do-It-Yourself Babylights

    Do-It-Yourself Babylights

    Try this streaked look for the ultimate hair highlights: babylights may not be new, but they are especially popular in summer due to their natural look and this year is no exception. With this colouration hit, even ombré hair gets a refreshing update. As though kissed by the sun. You can even do it at home!

    Sun In Your Hair
  • Shading: Cool colour trend

    Shading: How the New Colouring Effect Works

    A popular lightening method casts its shadow before: shading adds a new dimension to hair with cool blonde accents and multifaceted hues. Read on to find out how the colour trend works and what defines the four techniques of soft shading, multi-shading, natural shading and deep shading

    Looking for a Cool-Down?
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