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New Two-Tone Hair Colour Ideas

Two-Tone Hair
Dree Hemingway (right) prefers naturally looking hair colours and gradual colour transitions. In contrast, Kylie Jenner (left) goes all out and colours the ends of her black hair bright turquois
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The two-tone hair colour fashion is here to stay. Ample choices from natural to paint box hair colours keep attracting artistic personalities and offer opportunities to play. We like to add a few two-tone hair colour variations to the mix

  • Two-tone and ombre hair are the two commonly used names to describe the practice of colouring hair in more than one colour or shade. Creative minds developed the colourful hair fashion far beyond just lighter hair ends and stepwise or gradually changing hair colour. The two-tone colour play adds an entirely new dimension to hair colouring. No matter whether you choose your hair colour combination from a palette of natural hair colours or a paint box and whether you prefer low or high contrast colour schemes, the results will be playful and eye-catching.

  • Natural Hair Colours in Two Tones

    In the two featured two-tone hair colouring styles, model Dree Hemingway (on the right)shows her preference for using natural hair colours and gradual transitions (ombre effect). In the lower two thirds of her hair, most strands visibly transition to lighter tints of honey blonde and caramel. While clearly visible, the colour transitions are soft as if naturally created by sun and wind. This natural colour scheme looks particularly appealing in combination with Dree Hemingway’s beach waves.

  • Two-Tone Hair Using Natural Colours (analogous natural colours)

  • Two-Tone Hair
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    Vanessa Hudgens masters the subtle play with hair colours. The base colour is medium blonde with a hint of red. She offsets this pretty base colour with accents of yellow or orange hair ends. The effect is pleasing because the accent colours are tints of the base colour and because the transitions are gradual.

    Left: The curly ends of Vanessa Hudgens’ long hair gradually transition to lighter tints of the base colour

  • Two-Tone Hair Colour from the Paint Box

  • Two-Tone Hair
    Lily Allen and Rita Ora show two-tone hair colouring options for long and short hair
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    Like Kylie Jenner (see the photo above), Lily Allen and Rita Ora are partial to the more flamboyant of the two-tone hair colouring options. After all, women are no longer shunned for making creative individual choices. Dark hair brings out the luminescence of colours. In Kylie’s and Lily’s jet-black hair, the turquois and yellow colours of their hair ends show all their luminous radiance. Rita Ora dip-dyed the ends of her blonde bob using the colours hot pink, orange, and turquois.

  • Opposites Attract in this Two-Tone Hair Colour Version

  • Two-Tone Hair
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    Rapper Angel Haze uses the striking contrast between dark and light hair as a statement. The contrast would be even more pronounced in straight hair. However, Angel’s corkscrew curls soften the contrast and the colour transition.

    Left: Angel Haze surprises with corkscrew curls, which quite abruptly transition from black to greyish blonde