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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Foilyage

    Foilyage: The New Hair Colour Trend

    First balayage, now foilyage! The colouring specialists have once again developed something new: with the current hair highlighting trend, the foil technique expands the proven freehand painting of the balayage method. Find out what it looks like and how it works!

    Bon Foilyage
  • Sombré: The Soft Ombré Look

    Sombré: The Soft Ombré Look

    Light tips have established themselves as a colouration trend. Among them is sombré: short for soft ombré, it means 'softly shaded' and sets itself apart with more delicate, multifaceted colour gradients than its big sister ombré. The best thing about that: it makes the shadow play of dark and light appealing in hair of all colours and lengths

    Flow of Colour
  • Colour Trend: Purple Hair

    Colour Trend: Purple Hair

    We love lilac! As a delicate pastel nuance or powerful, trendy hue, in the all over look or as a colourful hair highlight – purple is popular. The eye-catching colour of the year effectively makes many styles and cuts come alive: From linear bobs to long locks. Here are our favourite lilac looks

    Purple Power
  • What is Balayage?

    What is Balayage?

    The colouring technique of the hour conjures up a custom wow effect in your hair – and looks wonderfully natural! Learn all about balayage: How it works, what makes it different from the ombré look, whether it also looks good in short hair... Also: Brown, blonde, red or black – who looks good with the painting method?

    Balayage Beauty
  • Rose Gold Hair

    Rose Gold Hair

    Are you looking for a secure styling investment? We have something for you: No longer is rose gold just gracing jewellery such as watches, chains and more. Trendsetters highly value the precious metal as a hair colour as well. A worthwhile investment! We reveal how the top-class highlight in hair is applied for the best effect

    Rosy Times
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