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Hair Colour Trend: Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde Hair
Who could overlook the beauty of Bella Thorne with her strawberry red hair? While the hair colour is not quite as fiery as red, it certainly commands attention
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The lightness of blonde and the fire of red work together in the sensuous hair colour strawberry red. The summer sun playfully adds dazzling light reflections. Bella Thorne is the right ambassador for this hair colour. We show you how to achieve just the right mixture of blonde and red and suggest a few particularly appealing hairstyles for reddish blonde hair

  • All hair colours come in endless tints, shades, and tones, which all have their special beauty. Strawberry blonde hair with its lightness and intriguing shimmer caused by reflecting light also offers a spark of fiery red for excitement. Today’s trendsetters are particularly enthusiastic about wearing blonde hair with light red accents. Wearing strawberry blonde hair can make a statement.

  • Strawberry Blonde: Is this Hair Colour Right for You?

    The blonde in strawberry blonde stands mostly for the lightness of the hair colour while the reddish colour dominates. Some nuances of strawberry blonde may also qualify as trendy light red tones. Everybody with a light rosy complexion will look terrific wearing strawberry blonde hair.

  • Strawberry Blonde: Coordinating Outfits and Makeup

    All colours go well with strawberry blonde hair. Wear a bright red dress, a pink T-shirt or a green jacket for maximum effect and a fresh, youthful appearance. Muted colours leave the stage to the hair colour for an overall elegant impression. The same applies to makeup. All types of makeup work well with strawberry blonde hair from almost unnoticeable nude to bright colours and from a natural style to stage makeup and smokey eyes.

  • Creating Great Shades of Strawberry Blonde

    When colouring your hair strawberry blonde the result will depend on the starting hair colour. The colour treatment will work best if your natural hair colour is lighter than strawberry blonde. The achieved strawberry blonde colour will be less intense if your hair is darker than the recommended range of starting colours.

  • The Optimal Care for Strawberry Blonde Hair

    Strawberry blonde hair must show luminescence for dramatic impact. Especially adapted hair care ensures that the reddish colour does not lose its appealing glow. Since strawberry blonde hair is blonde with a red shimmer, we recommend using the hair care regimen designed for blonde hair.

    In our gallery, Bella Thorne demonstrates hairstyles, which showcase the beauty of strawberry blonde hair.

  • Gallery: The New Hair Colour Favourite is Strawberry Blonde

    Strawberry Blonde Hair: Ponytail

    © Getty Images  

    Strawberry Blonde: The Playful Ponytail

    The long fringes are parted in the middle. They merge with the hair framing the sides of Bella Thorne’s face. The low ponytail falls over her shoulder. The teen actress and singer likes to play up her youth. At the 'Gold and Glamour' party in the Chateau Marmont she appeared wearing a youthful ponytail. Her pink top enhanced the impact of her strawberry blonde hair. The otherwise subtle makeup directed the focus to her dark eyes


    Strawberry Blonde: Braids

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    Strawberry Blonde: Artistic Braids

    The shorter hair over her forehead casually frames the sides of Bella Thorne’s face with small strands reaching her shoulders. The longer hair is artfully braided into a large bun in the back of her head. The braids emphasise the luminescence of her strawberry blonde hair. A few lighter blonde strands create interesting accents

    Strawberry Blonde: Side-Swept Hair

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    Strawberry Blonde: Casually Side-Swept Hair

    For her appearance at the opening of the science fiction movie ‘Divergent’, Bella Thorne decided on a casual style with inaccurate parting and side-swept long hair. This style shows the wilder side of wearing strawberry blonde hair. Singular thin braids keep the eyes moving from one hairstyle element to another and to her face with the dark smokey eyes and shimmering orange eye shadow. Her eye makeup contrasts cleverly with the fresh, casual hairstyle

    Strawberry Blonde: Chignon

    © Getty Images  

    Strawberry Blonde: The Cool Modern Chignon

    Bella Thorne attended the Academy Award Nominee party wearing a casually styled chignon. The short middle parting and the hair casually falling from above her forehead along the sides of her face added to the relaxed yet festive character of this hairstyle. The rich glow of her strawberry blonde hair and the fresh makeup complete the fresh look

    Strawberry Blonde: Chignon with Alice Band

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    Strawberry Blonde: The Chignon with Alice Band

    At the 'Guess and Harper`s Bazaar' dinner in London, the young actress and singer used a black Alice band to give her chignon hairstyle an entirely new look. Her long fringes fell past her eyebrows, and a few fringes along the sides of her face emphasised the nonchalant style

    Strawberry Blonde: Curls

    © Getty Images  

    Strawberry Blonde: Romantic Curls

    Soft curls framed Bella Thorne’s at the opening of her new movie 'Blended'. These curls and her pink dress created a young romantic image. The naturally looking nude makeup and the strawberry blonde hair create a light-hearted harmonious picture