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Trendy Looks 2017
  • New trends for grey hair

    Shades of Grey: New Trends for Grey Hair

    Grey times are coming: Grey hair is trendy! No need to dye or hide it any more – the women of this world stand by mature hair with style and self-confidence. Find out here what hairstyle is currently most suitable for silvering the trend colour (rejuvenation treatment included)

    Grey Hair, don`t care!
  • Stylish Grey Hair

    Wearing Grey Hair in Style

    Looking natural is important at any age. This includes wearing grey hair with an unconcerned attitude. Today, grey hair and a modern hairstyle are no longer mutually exclusive. We show modern hairstyles for grey hair. Grey hair is hardly a reason not to be fashionable and creative

    Styling Grey Hair
  • Styles for Grey Hair

    Great Styles for Grey Hair

    Grey-haired women have the choice of many beautiful hairstyles. Soft wavy hair, short haircuts and sleek chignons are only a few examples, which flatter women with grey hair. If your hair is greying you may like to take a few ideas from celebrity women like actress Glenn Close & model Carmen Dell‘Orefice

    Stylish Solutions for Grey Hair
  • Grey Hair

    Young Heads – Grey Hair

    Discovering the first grey hairs causes panic in many women. Some will immediately colour their hair. On the opposite side of the spectrum, young stars like Kelly Osbourne colour their entire hair grey – voluntarily that is

    How to Become a Silver Fox
  • A New Hair Colour, but which One?

    A New Hair Colour, but which One?

    Would you love to bring some colour into your hair? The choices are endless. Seemingly, there are uncounted colours and shades for your hair. We let you know what you must keep in mind when colouring or tinting your hair and how to find the right tone

    Finding the right tone
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