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Men with Red Hair

Men with Red Haired
German-Irish actor Michael Fassbender looks spiffy and charming at the same time with his naturally red spiky hair and designer stubbles
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Red hair attracts attention because red is the least common hair colour. Find out how red-haired men style their hair. You may also find some hairstyle inspiration in our line-up of red-haired male stars

  • Worldwide, only 1 – 2 % of people have naturally red hair. There are certainly more people with black, brown, and blonde hair than redheads. Because it is rare, red hair is considered special.

    Red hair is most prevalent among people of northern or western European ancestry (2 – 6 %). Especially Irish man and women come to mind. Red hair comes in many shades between light strawberry-red to deep mahogany red. Women like to colour their hair red because it looks attractive. In contrast, red-haired men usually have to thank nature for their red hair.

  • The Looks of Red-Haired Men

    Red hair is a dominant part of a man's appearance. People readily associate red hair with red-haired fairy tale characters like King Redbeard and the particularly mischievous red-headed leprechauns. Dependent on the haircut, red-haired men may look impish or stylish. Michael Fassbender with his spiky hair and Brian Geraghty manage to represent both the classic and rascally side of men with red hair.

    In our gallery, we show male stars with particularly appealing hairstyles and beards.

  • Gallery: Red-haired Men

    Men with Red Hair: Diego Klattenhoff

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    Red-haired Men: Gel-Assisted Hairstyle

    Actor Diego Klattenhoff ("Homeland") parted his short red hair on one side and used gel for an organised look. Obviously, he is on his way to a special event

    Men with Red Hair: Damian Lewis

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    Red-haired Men: Elegant with Side Parting

    British actor Damian Lewis ("Homeland") wears his red hair short. The layered haircut is combed back with the help of hair wax. This elegant hairstyle fits most occasions from festive gala event to work

    Men with Red Hair: Rupert Grint

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    Red-haired Men: Red, Fresh, and Tousled

    Rupert Grint ("Harry Potter") allows his red hair to fall where the wind blows it. His tousled carrot-red hair falls straight into his face and partially across his eyes. He looks boyish with this haircut. The young British actor used to wear a medium-length layered shag

    Men with Red Hair: Brian Geraghty

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    Red-haired Men: Cool and Spiky

    Brian Geraghty ("Flight") shaped his short red hair upward into spikes. The moustache in the 1980s style complements his casual hairstyle

    Men with Red Hair: James McAvoy's

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    Red-haired Men: Cool with Designer Stubbles

    Actor James McAvoy's ("Atonement", "Wanted") hair is indeed red. However, the red colour comes through in his designer stubbles more than in his dark top hair. The tousled hairstyle softens his looks