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Summer Hair Colour Blonde

Summer Hair Colour Blonde
Blonde is the summer hair colour of choice this year
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If you always wanted to be blonde, summer is the season to give it a go. This summer’s favourite shades are platinum, honey melon, vanilla ice, sun oil, beach sand, and golden blonde. What is your flavour of blonde? We help you pick your shade of blonde and supply make-up and styling tips for blondes

  • Hair colours are often named after favourite foods and precious metals. Take your pick of tasty, spicy or precious blonde hair colours or try the colour of beach sand. Then let the sun do its magic and create highlights in your blonde hair.

  • summer hair colour blonde
    Fearne Cotton’s light blonde hair reminds of sweet honey melons
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    Summer Hair Colour Blonde: Honey Melon Blonde

    Is this your shade of blonde? Women with light complexions look particularly appealing with platinum blonde hair.

    Styling Tips: Soft haircuts and fringed hair lend a touch of softness and warmth to platinum blonde hair.

    Make-up Tips: Pink lipstick and rosé or apricot blush create a fresh summer look.

  • Summer Hair Colour Blonde
    Brittany Snow’s golden blonde hair flows smooth and rich like sun oil
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    Summer Hair Colour Blonde: Rich Golden Blonde like Sun Oil

    Is this your shade of blonde? Golden blonde hair is perfect for women with lightly tanned even skin.

    Styling Tips: This hair colour gains elegance and character in combinations with sleek bobs, chignons or a straight ponytail.

    Make-up Tips: Don’t be too timid to pull out all the stops with your make-up. This hair colour goes well with smokey eyes in gold, brown and black shades. Using bronze-coloured blush adds definition to the look.

  • Summer Hair Colour Blonde
    Monica Potter’s hair is certainly no “plain vanilla” version of blonde. This blonde tone looks fresh yet soft and feminine
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    Summer Hair Colour Blonde: Fresh Vanilla Ice Dessert

    Is this your shade of blonde? This shade of blonde may become your favourite hair colour if your complexion is on the light-medium to light side.

    Styling Tips: What hairstyle could fit this lively vanilla ice blonde shade better than beach waves?

    Make-up Tips: It is best to stick with the pastel colour scheme and select eye make-up colours like soft rosé, apricot, mint or lilac. Light lip gloss completes the picture.

  • Summer Hair Colour Blonde
    Heather Graham’s hair shows rich nuances of light cinnamon and shimmering blonde. The shades make us dream of sun and beach sand
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    Summer Hair Colour Blonde: Light Cinnamon Blonde like Sand at the Beach

    Is this your shade of blonde? Do you like to be outdoors and your skin has already turned tan? This blonde shade is ideal for you. (Don’t hide your freckles. They add style!)

    Styling Tips: The defined curls increase the magic of the blonde and light cinnamon shades.

    Make-up Tips: Make-up in gold and brown tones enhances the natural appearance.