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5 Beauty Rules Every Blonde Has to Know

Beauty rules for blondes
The blonde factor: All you need is a few simple tricks for blonde hair to maintain its unique charm
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Care, colour, nutrition and more – tips & tricks that help keep blonde hair (dyed or natural) beautifully supple with a silky sheen: Five blonde hacks for all circumstances, easy to apply and follow

The perfect combination of beauty, purity and glamour: Blonde hair that looks healthy and well cared for! Natural blondes often have very fine hair, while a lightened mane can appear dull and insubstantial because of the treatment. Yet there is no need to panic about hair care. All you need to do is follow a few simple tips that keep you and your light-coloured mane radiant and eye-catching. Five beauty hacks every blonde should keep in mind and apply to her hair:

  • 1. Product Knowledge: Proper Care

    To keep your hair colour attractive, choose products that make your hair radiant and glossy without weighing it down. Use light treatments with plenty of moisturising active ingredients – this keeps your blonde mane from being coated with a bloom. Care products designed especially for blonde hair also contain active ingredients that absorb contaminating magnesium and calcium particles from water, thereby boosting your hair’s natural gloss. Added gold and silver pigments (tip: in products for grey hair) intensify the blonde colour and reflect the light especially well.

    Hair care: Blonde hair demands added protection in summer since it is more sensitive to light and susceptible to damage when exposed to the sun. Yes, really: Your mane too can get a sunstroke. Black or brown hair enjoys the protection of dark pigments while the fair-haired have to take special precautions. Essential companions for blondes: Rich hair oils, sprays with UV protection and vitamins for the hair.

    By the way: There are shampoos available that can lighten your hair colour by a nuance. Yet the result is so soft and natural that there is no need to worry about selecting the wrong hue and suddenly ending up platinum blonde for instance.

  • 2. Blonde Formula: Lightening Blonde Hair with Natural Treatments

    If you happen to be out of brightening shampoo, take a look in your fridge. Lemon, camomile and honey can work wonders in blonde hair and lighten it naturally. Here is an overview of how to apply household remedies most effectively:

  • Camomile Rinse

    What you need: 5 TBSP camomile flowers (or three camomile tea bags) and 400 ml cold water

    How it’s done: Put the water and camomile flowers in a pot and let them steep overnight. Then bring the mixture to a boil and allow it to cool. Shortly before using, add another 600 ml of cold water and rinse your hair with the decotion after washing it.

    Important: Do not wash out the camomile rinse but leave it in the hair to do its work.

  • Lemon juice

    Lemon juice contains ascorbic acid (also known as vitamin C) which serves as a brightener.

    What you need: Some shampoo, more lemon juice, some water and cling film

    How it’s done: Put some shampoo in a glass and mix it with lemon juice and a small amount of water (the mixture should be two parts lemon juice to one part water). Distribute the mix in your hair and then wrap the cling film around your mane. Allow the lemon blend to work for about an hour and then rinse it out thoroughly.

    Hint: Since this treatment slightly dries out the hair, use a moisturising hair care product after each application.

  • Honey

    Dark varieties of honey in particular contain enzymes that release hydrogen peroxide and bleach your hair.

    What you need:
    Cling film, honey and lukewarm water (optimum mixing ratio: four parts lukewarm water and one part honey)

    How it’s done: Mix the honey and water, then let the mixture steep for an hour. Now distribute the blend in your hair, wrap cling film around it and cover with a towel. This keeps the mixture warm and intensifies the effect. Rinse it all out thoroughly with lukewarm water after an hour.

    And: Once again, apply a nourishing hair care product after this treatment.

  • 3. Flashback: Your Childhood Blonde Hue Looks Best on You

    If you have a hard time choosing from the many different shades of blonde, take a look a some of your old childhood photos. Your hair colour was probably very different in younger years – but here is a secret: That is exactly your colour! Take the photo to the store shelf or the hairdresser of your choice!

  • 4. Secret Weapon: Dry Shampoo for a Freshness Kick

    Unfortunate fact: Blonde hair quickly looks greasy because it gets darker at the hairline. But washing your hair daily does not solve the problem. Quite to the contrary: It puts unnecessary strain on the mane and dries it out. No gloss! A clear-cut case for dry shampoo: The silver bullet from the spray can has long since gone from an insider tip to a must-have for every beauty cabinet. Shake it up, spray it on the hairline in short bursts from around 20 cm away and let it work for a few minutes. Then gently massage it in with a towel (or your fingertips), brush it out thoroughly and enjoy blonde freshness.

  • 5. Colour Pro: Finding the Right Blonde Hue

    Warm or cool blonde? While there is much that can go wrong when it comes to choosing the right blonde nuance, you can also do many things right. Once you find the optimum hue, you are rewarded with a bright look, wonderful radiance and healthy self-confidence. The right shade of blonde can refresh your complexion and even alleviate dark circles. How do you find the right colour? With a simple trick: Take a look at the inside of your wrist. Your veins will give you a clue. If they are bluish then a cool blonde suits you best. If your veins are blue-green or shimmering green, a warm hue will work better for you.