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Trendy Looks 2017
  • Yellowness in Blonde Hair

    Yellowness in Blonde Hair

    Naturalness and gloss – that is what most women want from their new hair colour. But sometimes colouring fails to have the desired effect right away. Especially unpopular among blondes: yellowness in the hair. We explain how it happens and how to get rid of it

    No More Yellow
  • Beauty rules for blondes

    5 Beauty Rules for Blondes

    Care, colour, nutrition and more – we reveal tips & tricks to keep your blonde hair (dyed or natural) beautifully supple and lustrous

    Blonde & Beautiful
  • Golden blonde: Petra Němcová wears the trendy hair colour

    Golden Bonde – Refine Your Hair

    Natural or dyed, golden blonde hair is a real winner. This sublime blonde hue creates a warm, luxurious look – premium care is guaranteed to pay off! We reveal what really makes this first-rate colour trend shine and how even darker hair types can be enriched with a golden hue

    Go for Gold
  • Sun protection for blonde hair

    Sun Protection for Blonde Hair

    On the sunny side: Radiant blonde is pure sun, summer and sunshine! To make sure it stays that way by preventing the light hair colour from bleaching even with extreme sun exposure, we are offering the best beauty aids for beach blondes. So that blonde hair retains its radiance even in autumn!

    Sun-Kissed Blonde
  • Proper Care for Blonde Hair

    Blonde Hair - Properly Maintained

    Naturally blonde hair is much finer than darker pigmented hair and needs special care. This applies to bleached blonde hair as well. Both hair types are very demanding. Below, you find five hard and fast rules for your blonde hair. We know that blonde is your favourite colour and we like to help make it shine

    Blonde: Let it shine ...