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Trendy Looks 2017

Blonde Hair: Gold and Sand

Blonde hair also colours your attitude toward life. Blonde tends to make you the star wherever you go. Whether your shade of blonde is caramel or ash blonde, you should learn about colour trends and the care of colour-treated hair from the experts. In our colour consultation we help you turn your blonde hair into a truly bright image.

  • Trendy Hair Colour Bronde

    Trendy Hair Colour Bronde

    Brunette or blonde? No need to ask. At least if you are interested in the hair colour trend of the stars. It is a mix of brunette and blonde that can even be described in one word. The result is called bronde! We tell you exactly how to get this trendy hair colour and present some prominent brondes

    Blonde Kissed by Brunette
  • Trendy Autumn Hair Colours

    The Top 3 Trendy Autumn Hair Colours

    What are the colour trends of the new season? Wonderful red, brown and yellow hues typical for fall become part of the mix – in our hair! Rather than sounding like autumn foliage and the cold time of year, hair is being coloured in seductive hues like peach, nude and strawberry blonde. These delicate, glossy accents are highly popular right now

    Welcome, Autumn!
  • Dyeing blonde hair brown

    How It’s Done: Dyeing Blonde Hair Brown

    You prefer brunette, so you want to colour your blonde hair brown. But is it that simple, and what do you have to watch for with this drastic colour change? What brown hue best matches your type, complexion and eyes? Questions, questions – you can turn to us for the answers

    Bye-Bye Blondie
  • Beach blonde

    Beach Blonde

    Summer never lasts long enough? If so, we have something for you: beach blonde, the hottest hair colour of the year. This beauty look brings the sun, beach and holiday feeling to your hair in a trice – all year if you like it like that! Head to the check-in for holiday hair here, including the best beach blonde examples

    Life is a beach!
  • Yellowness in Blonde Hair

    Yellowness in Blonde Hair

    Naturalness and gloss – that is what most women want from their new hair colour. But sometimes colouring fails to have the desired effect right away. Especially unpopular among blondes: yellowness in the hair. We explain how it happens and how to get rid of it

    No More Yellow
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