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Make-up Choices for Black-Haired Women

Make-up for Black-Haired Women
Actress and singer Lovi Poe knows how to select the right make-up to show off her naturally black hair
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Black hair needs special care. It also takes well adapted make-up to enhance the special beauty of black hair. Dependent on the make-up, dark hair can make women appear mysterious and alluring or stunningly elegant. The stars in our gallery show the most beautiful hairstyles and make-up for women with black hair. See how your dark hair and make-up style can express your personality!

  • The make-up of dark-haired women should be held in warm hues. This avoids hard lines and stereotypical styling. However, black-haired women look very appealing wearing lipstick in the darkest or brightest of colours.

  • Make-up for Black-Haired Women: The Shading Sets the Right Tone

    For women with light skin the contrast between the complexion and the dark hair colour may be huge. Enhancing this natural colouring could lead to a ghostly appearance. Unless the complexion is naturally brown or very lively, bronzer (tanning media) and blush should not be missing in any black-haired woman's make-up arsenal to add warmth and vibrancy to the complexion.

    Your make-up should either emphasise the mouth or the eyes. Black mascara and eye shadow work best to draw attention to expressive eyes. Red and berry-coloured lipstick can do the same for the lips.

  • Make-up for Black-Haired Women: The Proper Sweep of the Eyebrows

    Colour your eyebrows a nuance lighter than your dark hair for a friendlier expression. Soft lines and soft brown shades are good choices.

    We hope our gallery of stars inspires you to enhance the allure of your dark hair.

  • Gallery: The Make-up of Black-Haired Stars

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Abigail Spencer

    © Getty Images  

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Warm Rosé Hues

    Abigail Spencer wears make-up in natural colour hues with her black hair. She uses brown eyeliner and black mascara to play up her eyes. With rosé lips and cheeks her make-up and black hair appear soft and natural

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Anabelle Acosta

    © Getty Images  

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Berry-Coloured Lips

    Actress Anabelle Acosta uses bronzer to shape the lines of her face. She keeps her eye make-up plain so that the focus stays on her bright berry-coloured lips. Her make-up suits her dark hair very well

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Hilaria Thomas

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    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: The Nude Look

    Hilaria Thomas accentuates her eyes using soft shades of brown. For her lips and complexion she selects nude colours

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Selita Ebanks

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    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Dark Complexion

    Model Selita Ebanks' make-up keeps the focus on her dark eyes. The black eyeliner adds all the more emphasis to the expression of her eyes. By contrast, her lips are coloured in the sedate hue of red sandalwood

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Fivel Stewart

    © Getty Images  

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Expressive Eyebrows

    Fivel Stewart shows the ideal make-up for a festive evening. Her lips are coloured dark berry-red. Her aubergine eye shadow is also well suited for her dark hair and the occasion. The very expressive line of her eyebrows makes quite a statement

    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Pace Wu

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    Make-up for Black-Haired Women: Light Complexion

    Pace Wu plays up her very light complexion. For her lips she only uses lip balm. Her eyes are lined with a dark colour. She did not change the colour and line of her eyebrows