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Black Colour Trends: Stars Adopting the Snow White Look

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Model Leigh Lezark used to be blonde, but now has black hair
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Many stars swear by the black factor and are loyal to their dark manes. So there are new fans of this hair colour, who opted for this complete change from light to dark. We will show some of the prettiest stars sporting the Snow White look      

  • "Dark as night" say many women nowadays, when talking about their own hair colour. Leigh Lezark, for example, took the step and coloured her light hair a dark black. Although blonde is the natural hair colour of this model, the ebony look suits her extremely well. Ivory skin, black hair and her experiment-friendly audacity in the fashion world makes her a true style icon.

  • Black Colour Trends: Elegant, Enigmatic, Different

    As well other stars have experienced the dark hair look. It does not matter whether you have always been loyal to the dark look or it is your first time trying it out – the Snow White look lends it own charisma to everyone.

    Short, long, curly or straight, with or without fringe– the important thing is that it is black

    We will show you some of the prettiest stars and admirers sporting dark hair in our gallery.

  • Gallery: Black Colour Trends

    Black Hair Trends

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    Black Hair Trends: Rebecca Dayan

    Her jump toward black hair was far less of a leap than for Leigh Lezark. From dark brown to the Snow White look, the French actress Rebecca Dayan wears it well, leaving her hair nonchalantly casual, as if it always were that way

    Black Hair Trends

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    Black Hair Trends: Daisy Lowe

    Fringe is the signature of British model Daisy Lowe, as is her long black hair. The style goes perfectly well with her alabaster skin, which she accentuates with fitting makeup. In a seventies style with sweeping eyeliner makes this look very appealing

    Black Hair Trends

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    Black Colour Trends: Audrey Tautou

    Since the movie "Amelie", Audrey Tautou has become an international star, and yet we know so little about this French woman with her crooked smile. The black hair brings out her mysterious magnetism, though the curly bob gives her a mischievous look

    Farbtrend Schwarz: Rooney Mara

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    Black Hair Colour: Rooney Mara

    This actress likes to try new things as far as her hair is concerned. Whether light or dark, long or short, even the trendy two-tone look, which Rooney wore for a film roll. Still she always returns to her dark locks, and never fails to attract. With dark hair, Rooney Mara gives off an almost magical aura, which lends her an exceptionally charming effect

    Black Colour Trend

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    Black Colour Trend: Krysten Ritter

    The dark look can indeed appear playful. With very little make-up and her light complexion, Krysten Ritter wears her long black mane in an undone manner

    Black Colour Trends

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    Black Colour Trends: Selma Blair

    Although Selma Blair has blond hair right now, there remains hope that she will go back to her tried and true black hair. Change is good, but black hair indeed looks attractive on this actress, whom we just can’t get enough of