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Black Hair Needs Plenty of Lustre

Farbpflege für schwarzes Haar
Elodie Yung with beautiful shiny hair
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Black hair requires uncompromising dedication to the right hair care. The ostentatious hair colour not only calls for confidence but also for utmost lustre

  • Colouring hair black is a cinch. However, you must then diligently care for black hair, which must have a lot of lustre to be appealing. Black-haired beauties like Elodie Yung keep this in mind.
    Different from bleaching, colouring your hair black does not interfere with the hair’s ability to show a lot of lustre. On the contrary, the new ammonia-free intensive tinting solutions increase the hair’s silky shine because they contain hair care products such as Macadamia oil and argan oil. In the case of black hair, the challenge is to maintain the lustre.

  • Six Tips for the Perfect Care of Black Hair

    • Tip 1:

      The most challenging part of dying your hair black is managing the new hair growth. The lighter the natural hair colour the more visible is the new hair growth. If the natural colour is brown intensive tinting is a good solution. The pigments are washed out before the new hair growth becomes noticeable

    • Tip 2:

      If you have used permanent hair colour the new growth must be coloured every three or four weeks. Root colouring sets are very practical for this purpose. The sets come with a brush and exact descriptions for touching up the new growth. You need to colour only the areas around hair partings, visible hairlines and the temples

    • Tip 3:

      The colour pigments in your hair must be protected from UV light, which would otherwise bleach the pigments and reduce the colour intensity. If you are outdoors for longer periods of time you should protect your hair with UV protective hair spray even during the winter months. While on summer vacation you should pull out all stops in terms of UV protection including hat or head scarf on the beach

    • Tip 4:

      Every time you wash your dyed black hair you need to use special shampoos and rinses for colour treated hair. Weekly intensive cures help to keep the hair cuticles intact and the pigments inside the hair so that the hair colour lasts longer

    • Tip 5:

      You can visibly increase the shine of dyed black hair by using a flat iron (be sure to apply heat protective spray first). Our tip for a big entrance is to make your hair as smooth and shiny as possible and wear it in a flowing open style. Your hair will look breathtakingly beautiful

    • Tip 6:

      In order to create the most lustre in your black hair, cover the tips of your index and middle fingers with a droplet of silicone-based hair end serum and apply the serum to some of the covering hair. The serum does not weigh your hair down but it creates sensational shine