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Hair mask: The intensive care programme

Hair mask: The intensive care programme
Pampering programme for dry hair: Hair masks provide lots of moisture, repair damage to the hair structure and get your mane in shape again
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Our hair goes through a lot: Daily styling, strict hairstyles, colouring and too much heat or cold place great demands on our locks. The silver bullet: Hair mask! What can this valuable care product actually do, when and how is it applied? Informing you

  • 'How do you care for your hair?' A question just about anyone has probably heard from their stylist before. In the conversation that follows, the term hair treatment or hair mask is sure to come up at least once. Either because you have long since recognised the special effect of this power treatment yourself, or because your trusted stylist urgently suggests that you try it.
    But what exactly is it about the supposed silver bullet that all hair professionals, stylists and people with the manes we dream off swear by? 

  • What is a hair mask?

    A hair mask is an intensive care cream that is distributed or massaged into damp hair after shampooing and rinsed out again after a certain exposure time. The combination of active ingredients varies depending on product performance. Most masks repair damage to the internal and external hair structure, provide lots of moisture and contain plant oils (such as argan, apricot seed, jojoba or almond oil) and rich proteins as well as vitamins.

  • Why a hair mask?

    The mask is the cherry on the cake of an all-round care and pampering programme. The secret: intensive and long-lasting effectiveness. Thanks to repair ingredients, straight hair becomes glossy and grippy while curls regain added bounce. The result can be felt immediately after rinsing out a mask: Hair is much easier to detangle and comb, and feels much more supple right away.

  • The difference between a mask and a treatment?

    If you are wondering what the difference between a hair treatment and a hair mask might be, we have the answer: Masks usually contain a higher proportion of oils that provide the hair with more moisture. But the difference compared to a treatment is so minimal that separating the terms is hardly worthwhile, so that both products promise the same effect in the market. Both are extra care products for regular use in your hair, with a similar composition and enriched with valuable care ingredients. While may be differences between a hair treatment and a hair mask in regards to intensity and effectiveness, these are minor. 

  • How often do I use a hair mask?

    Find a healthy middle ground: Hair masks should not be used too often, otherwise the hair becomes unnecessarily heavy due to the rich ingredients and excessive care. Yet the care product should be applied regularly for lasting success. Our recommendation: Once or twice a week is the perfect dosage.

  • How to apply a hair mask correctly:

    1. Wash your hair as usual and then dry it briefly with a towel.

    2. Distribute the mask in damp hair and let it work for approximately 5-10 minutes.

    Hint: Ideally distribute it well with a coarse comb and then wrap a towel around your head. Heat helps the active ingredients work more effectively.

    3. Thoroughly rinse your hair with lukewarm water.