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The Quick Way to Protect and Pamper Your Hair

Hair care is important. You also need to know the difference between a hair cure and a conditioner. For which hair type is a leave-in product the ideal care product? When does hair need a mask? Our hair care tips also let you know how to care for stressed winter hair and how to pamper it. There are also tips for you if you want to strengthen your hair.

  • Beauty in the Snow: Hair Care

    Beauty in the Snow: Hair Care Tipps

    Not only the clocks change in winter – you should also adjust how you care for your hair in the cold time of year! The mix of frosty temperatures and dry, heated air can really stress your hair. Some extra attention pays off! Read on to find out more

    7 Cool Tips for Winter Hair
  • Hair Care Style

    What is Your Hair Care Style?

    We all have our own routine when it comes to hair care. Some like it fast and uncomplicated, others have a deeper bond with such things and prefer to invest extra time in their mane. What are your preferences and what can you improve?

    Hair Care for Your Type
  • Beauty Sleep

    Hair Care: Beauty Sleep

    Are you yearning for silky hair with a healthy gloss? Now you can easily make this dream come true – at night while you are between the sheets. Presenting the best tips & tricks to pamper your hair while you sleep: from hairdos for sleeping to the right pillowcase

    Sleeping Beauty!
  • Hair Care on Holiday

    Hair Care on Holiday: 6 Rules for the Best Holiday Feeling

    Relaxing tops the to-do list when you are on holiday. Your mind can finally tune out, and you have time to indulge your hair: the pampering program includes good preparation, care products for your travels and the proper treatment of beach hair. Of course, beautiful holiday hairstyles are essential as well!

    Quality Time
  • Hair glossing

    Glossing: Brilliant Miracle Hair Treatment

    In addition to a luxurious shimmer, these treatments promise all-round care and a boost for your (natural) hair colour. And those are just three of many arguments that speak in favour of gloss treatments. Hair glossing can make your wishes for a gorgeous mane come true

    Get the Gloss
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