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The Most Beautiful Wedding Updos

Is your wedding day just around the corner? Sooo romantic! We show you the best wedding hairstyles and trends, to make not only your big day – but also your styling – unforgettable

Your wedding is THE day on which you want to feel great – not to mention beautiful. At least as important as the dress is the hairdo. The hottest bridal hairstyles of the moment are natural updos that look elegant without being too formal. Here, we reveal the most beautiful and stylish wedding updos. These are perfect for those looking to style their own wedding hair, or simply looking for inspiration before visiting a professional.

Preparing for a perfect bridal hairstyle

  1. Wedding hairstyle countdown: Four weeks to go!

    Take your time deciding how you want your hair to look on your big day. Tip: Pick your style to perfectly suit your outfit. If you put yourself in the professional hands of a hairdresser, show them a picture of your dress to help ensure you’re on the same page, style-wise. It’s important to book your bridal hair appointment well in advance.
    A month prior to your wedding is the ideal time for a new cut or color – but only if you want one! Tip: It’s best NOT to make major hair changes a few days before the wedding. If you decide you don’t like it, there may not be enough time to undo the styling faux pas.

  2. Wedding hairstyle countdown: Three weeks to go!

    Once you have decided on your look, now’s the time to have a practice styling appointment. If there’s anything you don’t like or that’s not quite working at this stage, there’s still plenty of time to make changes. If you’re going to do your own hair, or have a friend do it for you, now’s also the time to go ahead and schedule this practice run.

  3. Wedding hairstyle countdown: Two weeks to go!

    Nothing is more beautiful than hair with a bright, fresh shine to it. The best time to refresh your hair color (if you’re using a toner) is 14 days before the wedding. If you want to play it safe, now’s not the time for daring color experiments – best stick with your existing favorite shade of toner.

  4. Wedding hairstyle countdown: One week to go!

    It’s best to wash your hair the day before. This will give it a little more texture and hold, making your bridal style easier to create. Blow-dry your hair and massage through some styling mousse to build a perfect foundation for your big day.
    If you’re going to a professional, they can also let you know when you should last wash your hair before your wedding day.

    So, what’s your bridal style going to be? In our gallery we reveal the most beautiful updos for your big day. But these looks are not just for brides! Many can be worn by bridesmaids or even wedding guests, too.

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyles

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