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Instruction: The braided Style for Short Hair by Shailene Woodley

Hollywood individualist Shailene Woodley is winning over fans and film critics with her many facets. And hairdressing juries even more so. With her asymmetrical braiding of short hair (!), the pretty ‘Divergent’ heroine is now landing a genuine blockbuster

Divergent. In part two (Insurgent) of the sci-fi trilogy, she has just wowed moviegoers again as the tough heroine Tris. But Shailene Woodley’s true purpose is to distance herself from the Hollywood mainstream. The young Californian is doing so with flying colours. Shailene Woodley renounces smart phones, a social media presence and even designer heels (she likes to go barefoot on the red carpet). She plants her own fruit and only eats organic. Shailene Woodley thumbs her nose at convention and breaks accepted rules. For example, the beautiful actress also makes short work of the hairdressing principle – braided styles require long hair – and shows us a sophisticated red carpet version with a short haircut.

Shailene Woodley: Short Hair in an Updo

If it weren’t Shailene Woodley, it wouldn’t look that great either. The unconventional acting star doesn’t braid a classic wreath, but uses the side braiding accent to simultaneously integrate the punky sidecut effect into the style. This provides an extra kick! Shailene Woodley remains true to her mission: being differently beautiful.

Side View: Shailene Woodley’s Braided Style

Shailene Woodley Short Hair
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Looks like more: Shailene Woodley styles her short hair (reaching just to the chin) with a sophisticated braided look

Deceptively trendy: Braided hairstyles, accent braiding and braided details are popular in long manes. But short-haired women have no need to be sad, since Shailene Woodley proves that artistic braiding also serves short hair well for an updo. The only condition: Hair has to reach at least to the cheek and have the least possible layering, but then it is sufficient for an impudent effect.

What you need for the Side Braid Hairstyle:

A sealer, bobby pins, spray for hold

How It’s Done: Instruction for Shailene Woodley’s Impudent Style

1. Work in a powder to give the hair more grip, volume and hold.

2. Part short, chin-length hair down the middle.

3. Start a French braid on one side. Tip: Braid strictly along the head and not directly at the hairline, start narrow and go wider towards the back.

4. If the hair length is not sufficient for braiding to the back of the head: Use hair clips to secure the hair ends of the braid well on the sides. Then twirl the remaining hair and pin it back.

5. On the other side of the head, tease back the fringe and form a loose quiff. Comb the unbraided hair on the side back smoothly and pin it in place. Then apply a spray for hold.

6. At the back of the neck, conjure a chignon with the remaining braid strands and pin in place using clips in the hair colour. Apply hairspray, finished!