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On the look-out for a new hairstyle, how do you find what inspires you? Beach waves are pretty self-explanatory and faux bobs have been around for a while. How about two-tone hair colour? There are possibilities! The problem is that there are so many distinctive elements in a foxy, tousled or elegant hairstyle. Putting the names for the hairstyle elements in a row might help if you like long names. The hairstyle terms in our dictionary are quite manageable by comparison

B as in ...

Banana Updo: The shape of this classic updo reminds of a banana in the back of the head. Banana updos come in several versions: vertical, diagonal or horizontal. The hair if folded under to achieve this shape. The style is similar but not identical to the French twist.

Beach Waves: Casual irregular waves, which look natural like wind-blown after a day at the beach.

Blunt Haircut: About shoulder-length hair is accurately cut to a straight blunt finish.

Bob: The classic bob is about chin-long. Bobbed hairstyles are known for their versatility in length and style.

C as in ...

Chignon: The hair gathered into a ponytail, which in turn is twisted until it curls into a round shape. Chignons come in many styles and shapes from girlish to elegant.

Clavi Cut: The hair is cut to the level of the clavicles.

Crew Cut: The hair is uniformly cut to a length of only a few millimetres. (See the four stages of military haircuts)

Crimped Hair: Trendy 1990s style; the hair is crimped into tiny regular waves using a crimping iron.

D as in...

Dip Dye: Only the ends of the hair show a colour, which is distinctly different from the rest of the hair colour. Gradually changing two tone hair: ombre and two-tone hair

E as in ...

Emo Hairstyle: E as in emo as in 'emotional': The styling shows elements of the 1980s punk styles. Like the emotions so change the emo hairstyles and colours. Bright colours, expressive styles, asymmetry, and surprising style elements are commonplace in the unique emo hairstyles.

F as in ...

Fake Undercut:

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On first sight, the hair seems to be undercut (see below). The illusion is created using braided or twirled hair elements.

Faux Bob: Long hair is folded under to create the illusion of a bob. The hair is gathered in a very low ponytail. The ends of this ponytail are then folded under and secured with bobby pins underneath a curtain of folded hair.

Finger Waves: These accurately styled track-like waves were popular in the 1920s.

French Braid: A special technique creates this beautiful braid. As the braid grows, a small strand is pulled into the braid with every turn. As a result, the braid stays close to the scalp.

G as in ...

Garçon haircut: Boyish haircut (garçon [French for boy]); the short haircut is layered and adapted to the hairline. Often, the top hair is slightly longer and combed forward from the crown of the head.

Geo Haircut: This is a short precision haircut.

H as in…

Hipster Hairstyle: 21st century urban hippie hairstyles may be of any length and style. Both man and women insist on their own personal styles, which go from undercuts and boy cuts to lion’s mane shags.

I as in ...

Iroquois Haircut: Wartime haircut of Iroquois men. The modern versions are razor cut on the sides and styled upward across the centre line of the head from the nape of the neck to the middle of the forehead.

L as in ...

Long Bob:

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Trendy haircut; the hair ist cut to chin- or shoulder length.

M as in …


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The hair is styled to show disregard for strict form, precision, and perfection.

N as in ...

New Crop: The hair is razor-cut to a length of only a few millimetres. In contrast to the crew cut, the hair on the crown of the head is a tad longer.

O as in ...

Ombre: The hair colour gradually changes from light to dark or from one colour to another. Often, the hair ends are lighter than the rest of the hair. (See also dip dye and two-tone hair)

P as in ...

Pixie Haircut: Short haircut; the hair is around 2 inches long and fringed. The hair in the back is layer-cut. The sides are cut very short with the ears not covered by hair. The haircut often gives young women an elfin appearance.

Ponytail: This is a well-loved hairstyle classic. The hair is gathered in a scrunchy either low or high in the back of the head.

Q as in…

Quiff: Quiffs were popular in the 1950s. Wide strands of hair above the forehead are brushed up or rolled back or to the side to voluminous quiffs.

R as in ...

Razor Bob:

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In this bob version, the hair is cut with a razor or scissor to various lengths.

Retro Hairstyles: Hairstyles reminiscent of bygone times. Retro-style fashion and hairstyles are increasingly popular. Among these now trendy hairstyles are the finger waves of the 1920s, the quiff of the 1950s and the hairstyles of the 1980s with the hair shorter in the front than in the back.

S as in ...

Semi-updo: Part of the hair is gathered into a ponytail or updo and the rest of the hair is allowed to hang freely. Semi-updos allow for style and plenty of creativity.

Shag: Deeply layered fringed haircut with the top hair shorter than the rest of the hair.

Side Cut: On one side, the hair cut razor short from the hairline to the temple. (See also undercut)

Side-Swept: Long hair is combed back on one side and swept over the other shoulder.

Sleek: The hair is straight or straightened using a flat iron or straightening hair products. The hair is styled close to the scalp.

Spiky Hair: The hair spikes upward on the crown of the head.

Styled back hair:

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Gel is applied to the front portion of the hair. This makes it easy to comb this part of the hair straight back. The rest of the hair and the long straight ends are allowed to hang freely.

T as in ...

Twirled Strands of Hair: Individual strands of hair are twirled around their axis and around each other.

Two-tone Hair: The hair is dyed, tinted or bleached to create two different colour blocks. (See also dip dye and ombre)

U as in...

Undercut: The hair is razor-cut from the hairline upward either around the head or on one side. The covering hair remains long. (See also side cut)

Undone: The hair is styled to conceal all evidence of styling. Allowing some strands of hair to escape the hairdo and styling products like salt spray and volumising powder help to create this look.

Updo: The hair is pulled up and secured with bobby pins and hair accessories to create various shapes.

V as in ...

Volume: The hairstyles of the 1980s are known for plenty of volume both for the short and long hairstyles of this era. Long hair was cut shorter in front than in the back.

W as in...

Wet Hairstyles:

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The hair looks slick or wet.

Wings Hairstyle: Blow-drying the ends of the hair into an outward pointing bouncy wave was a fashion hit in the 1950s. You may also use a curling iron or round brush to create this hairstyle. The modern version of this often deeply layered and feathered style is called 'wings hairstyle'.

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