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Clips and grips – a short overview

Which is best for which hairstyle? We investigate and show you how to use these cunning little accessories for fastening, tying and styling

They’re practical, stylish and you need them: hair grips and co. are the styling tools for any hair look. Before we tell you which to use when, first a small introduction to the product:

Bobby pins

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Pretty and practical: the essential bobby pin

Bobby pins are right at the top of the list and with good reason: these practical hair clips are invaluable for restraining wayward tendrils or fastening hair accessories. All it takes is an elastic hair band and some gel to turn a bobby pin into a runway model. To prove our point, take a look here.

Special features:
The metal bobby pin has one smooth and one corrugated side, and rounded plastic blobs on the ends to protect the hair.

How to use:
The corrugated edge should be underneath, not the smooth one. This is because the uneven edge molds itself to the shape of your head and doesn’t slip.

Hair pins

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Invisible: hair pins for updos

The humble hair pin is the quiet mastermind of styling tools, the invisible way to secure individual strands of hair, buns and formal updos. Its delicate shape and straight ends mean you can twist and bend it into exactly the shape you require to do the job.

Special features:
U-shaped, symmetrically ridged sides with blunt, straight ends.

How to use:
Gently pull the ends a bit apart and push the pin halfway into your hair. Then turn the pin once and push it in completely.

Hair clips

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The ingenious clip for when you’re in a hurry

The hair clip has had to work hard in the last few years to keep up with demand. For a while, it was labelled uncool and old fashioned but it’s actually the genius of hair grips. Its simple claw design grips and fixes the hair comfortably, without pulling or slipping. If you use it to pin back your hair, you’ll automatically get a messy look that’s casual but stylish.

Special features:
Longish clip with little claws and spring grip.

How to use:
Pull back your hair, open the clip, push it in your hair, let it spring closed, done!

Hair slide

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Beautiful: hair slides take every haircut up a notch

The great thing about hair slides is that they make every hairstyle eye catching. Incredibly versatile, they come in all shapes and sizes – round, triangular, square – and in all colors. Metal tones like gold and silver flatter most hair colors and are have a timeless beauty.

Special features:
Decorative design and secure clasp.

How to use:
Open the clasp, slide the metal bar under the hair and snap the clasp together again.

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