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Facts about Hair and How to Style It

Hair comes in many varieties. Whether it is smooth or curly, long or short, light or dark does not matter as long as you feel good about the way your hair feels and looks. Like all fashion choices, the hairstyle should reflect your personality. We share with you interesting and important facts about hair as well as some clever styling tips.

Hair Dictionary: Important Facts about Hair

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Above All Hair Must Be Healthy

All about Hair
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Australian actress Isabel Lucas shows off her strong healthy hair

Hair must be healthy and well-tended to look beautiful. No particular formula exists for the care of all hair because hair structures show many variations.

Smooth Hair:
Soft and smooth hair with ample lustre is ideal. It is easy to take care of such gorgeous hair although even this kind of hair may not always behave as desired. Smooth hair has a tendency to look limb and lifeless. Luckily, modern styling products take care of this drawback.

Wavy Hair: Among all hair structures wavy hair is arguably the least complicated to handle. The waves are the perfect basis for many casual hairstyles. Usually, wavy hair requires nothing more than a moisturiser now and then.

Curly Hair: Many would like to have curly hair. However, curly hair is frequently dry, without much lustre and hard to style. With the proper care curls can be bouncy and shiny.

Nappy Hair: Nappy hair with small tight curls requires special care. This applies particularly to the unique Afro looks.

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The Right Length for Every Hair and Style

All about Hair
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Ginnifer Goodwin already decided on the perfect length for her hair. For quite a while now, the sassy pixie haircut is her favourite hairstyle

If you are looking for a drastic change in hairstyle cutting your hair short or allowing it to grow long are definite possibilities. The unsettling part is that it can be difficult to predict how the new look will fit your appearance and style. The most important factor should always be your comfort level with the new hairstyle.

An important consideration is also the time you are willing to spend on styling your hair. Many women notice too late how time-consuming it can be to maintain short haircuts, which often require more styling skills and time than long hair. Of course, short hair definitely comes out ahead of long hair in terms of hair care.

Short Hair: Short hairstyles come in endless variations from pixie styles to long bobs.

Medium-Length Hair: Is this the safe middle-of-the-road hair length for people who can’t make up their minds? Not so! Medium-length hair can be styled in many unique ways and may offer more versatility than very short or long hair.

Long Hair: Most guys love long open hair. It has plenty of feminine appeal. Beautiful long hair requires a lot of diligent care.

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Hair Colour Makes a Big Statement

All about Hair
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The red hair of actress Christina Hendricks (‘Mad Men’) looks stunning with her light complexion and the feminine hairstyle

Usually, the natural hair colour best suits your complexion. Nature knows best, whether your natural hair colour is black, brown, blonde or red. However, most women long for a more exciting or distinctive hair colour. The new hair colouring products allow you to safely add the right twist to your hair colour. Unless you want a drastic change of style, you should go for colour, which is close to your natural hair colour. The colour of the hair close to the hair roots best shows your natural hair colour.

Black Hair: Black hair looks distinctive and beautiful. Dark hair is best suited for people with dark or olive-coloured complexions. Light-skinned women with flawless complexions may also pull off the high-contrast look.

Brown Hair: The spectrum of brown hair colours includes such distinctive shades as hazelnut, caramel, mahogany and chocolate brown. Warm brown shades are soft and therefore well suited for people with light complexions. Cooler brown tones work well for dark complexions.

Blonde Hair: Blonde is the most coveted among the hair colours. The light colour is very becoming. Many different blonde shades are available for light to medium complexions.

Red Hair: Red hair is often associated with a sensuous nature. Right now, red shades of hair from scarlet red to warm mahogany are very popular. Red hair flatters people with light complexions.

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Proper Hair Care

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Healthy and well-tended are the keywords for beautiful hair. Very effective hair care products are available to deal with fatty hair, a sensitive scalp, dandruff or over-processed hair.

On the left: Actress Hannah Simone (‘New Girl) knows how to care for her long dark hair, which frames her equally perfect face.

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Hair Care in Old Age

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Older people do not have to bid farewell to healthy, fresh-looking hair. There is no doubt, there is less hair with increasing age and the individual hairs are thinner. The right hair care products can allay these natural effects of aging. These days, women over fifty are no longer relegated to boring or even frumpy hairstyles. Allowed is what fits your style and taste.

On the left: Linda Fargo looks young all the way to the hair ends. With the proper care hair stays healthy and vibrant even in later years.

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