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Hairdos for Fine Hair

You can pep up your hair for two-day volume even without arduous blow drying over a round brush. You don't believe us? We reveal the tricks, tools and products for great looks in next to no time! What’s more, we present the most appealing hairstyles for fine hair

Help is on the way! Fine hair appears flat and lifeless for good reason since it is usually just one-fifth the diameter of thick hair. While hair thickness is genetically determined, we can outwit nature anyway: fine hair really takes off with cleverly chosen hairdos, special cuts and professional tricks! Here are our volume boosters:

Hairdos for Fine Hair: Volume Through the Cut

Let us begin with the right cut. The blunt cut is ideal for fine hair since the ends are not cut in layers but straight and blunt. The hair ends in one length, immediately making it appear more compact. Have the tips trimmed regularly so split ends do not stand a chance (no additional fraying) and to make your hair look healthy, well cared for and full.

Short to mid-length hairstyles are generally best for women with fine hair. Why? Short hair is lighter. As a result, the hair's natural bounce is enough to lift it. Those who want a long mane anyway simply choose a layered cut. That makes the hair light with texture and movement.

Fast hair styling trick: wear a side parting and change sides every day. This keeps the hair from going flat and naturally makes it fuller at the hairline.

Hairdos for Fine Hair: Volume Through Hair Colour

A great trick: highlights add colour depth and various nuances, creating the illusion of more fullness. The colour also causes the hair to swell slightly, making it look even fuller. 

Hairdos for Fine Hair: Volume Through Styling Products

Choose styling and care products with special fullness formulas. Their ingredients strengthen the hair and make it fuller at the hairline.

By the way: always rinse out shampoos and styling residue thoroughly to avoid weighing down fine hair. That is also why you should only work conditioner into the lengths after washing (starting a ear height).

Hairdos for Fine Hair: Volume Through Styling Tools

Choosing the right brush can make your hair look fuller. For example, a skeleton brush pushes the hair directly at the hairline while blow drying while a back-combing comb lets you tease specific sections while styling. A straightening iron, curling iron and hair rollers are practical styling helpers for fine hair as well. The waves they create help lift the hair, add movement and make the texture more voluminous.

New Hairdo Power for Fine Hair

Care Routine for Fine Hair

From shampoo to the finished hairstyle: presenting the best care tips and volumising tricks for fine hair.