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Footballer Hairstyles

Keeping the ball low? Not their thing: as top athletes, superstars and styling pros, footballers are increasingly setting new standards. Their hairdos in particular make the players popular role models beyond the standings. In our hairstyle line-up, we present the looks that will take the 2016 European Championship by storm

Europe has football fever: In June the best team on the continent from one of 24 nations will be crowned at the European Championship. Everybody wants to be there – in the stadium or at the public viewing. Which teams will make it to the finals, who will capture the coveted European Champion title? There is a lot at stake here. No wonder the players are the focus of attention. Naturally the footballer's athletic abilities are what counts the most. But in the meantime, the pros have also become popular with their fans thanks to other qualities. Such as their look. Hair plays an important role here. The hairdos of the football idols are being copied and styled by numerous fans. The World Champions from Germany, title holders from Spain, players from Italy, England, Belgium, Austria, Poland or Northern Ireland... no matter from what country or league. We took a closer look at the kickers and ball artists of the 2016 European Championship to celebrate the coolest hairdos among the champions. These glorious seven made it from the preliminary round to the finals – here are our favourites for the hairstyle title:

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