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Women’s Short Haircuts from Soft to Spiky

The haircut makes or breaks short hairstyles. Most women think long and hard before they decide on a boy cut. How short is too short? How much layering do you prefer? How many ways are there to style a boy cut? How awkward is the transition back to longer hairstyles? The stars with short haircuts in our gallery may inspire you and help you make up your mind about taking the scissors to your long hair

Cutting long hair short deserves some consideration. After all, hair does not grow long again overnight. You may also wonder whether short hair fits your facial lines and style. Will your siblings introduce you as their little brother? Are you ready to make the new hairstyle fit your personality? On the other hand, the short hair may draw the desired attention to your face and may support your ambitions as a professional woman.

Short Haircuts for Busy Women

It does not take long to style short hair. The short hair of boy cuts dries quickly and can be easily pushed into shape without much ado. A little hair wax or volumising powder is all it takes to create a short hairstyle. This is certainly a good argument for a short haircut, which may give excessively processed hair the much needed rest. If you are a woman who makes up her mind easily and likes to experiment you may have an easy time to get rid of that long mane and try an entirely new look. Variety is the spice of life!

Are you already on the brink of cutting your hair short? The photos in our gallery will certainly help you make the next step. The stars and celebrities in our gallery simply look impressive, stylish and definitely beautiful with their short hair. There is really no reason to hesitate any longer!

Gallery: Women’s Short Haircuts

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