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Hair Styles on the Fly: The Fastest Hair Styles to Find Anywhere

Sleeping until the last minute, spontaneously grabbing something from your closet and getting an espresso to go: you never have enough time in the morning? If so, elaborate hair styling is clearly out of the question. We have fast, attractive hairdos for long, mid-length and short hair

Not an early riser? Then you know the problem: there is never enough time for elaborate hair styling. Everything has to be fast. To make things worse: hair does what it wants in the morning, and may stick out wildly in all directions – especially with short or mid-length cuts. Taming and styling your hair can be arduous. Fortunately we have express solutions and quick tips for your beauty routine.

Emergency measures: apply some dry shampoo to short hair and get it under control by brushing against the direction of growth with a paddle brush.
Four large Velcro or heated curlers help if your hair is chin length or longer. Wrap the top hair in wide sections, blow dry briefly and then let it cool while you apply your morning makeup.
Going to bed with a ponytail tied very high on the crown (not too tight please!) helps with long hair. It should not bother you during the night and keeps stubborn hair from sticking out.
Also good: instead of a hair elastic, use a narrow silk scarf or one of the popular spiral hair elastics to tie up your hair, relatively loosely, so there are no ugly pressure marks in the morning.

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Quick Styles for Hair of all Lengths