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These Hairstyles Help Men Hide a Receding Hairline

Even young men can have receding hairlines, but with the right hairstyle, those are easy to hide. We have some tips on how to make a receding hairline disappear

A receding hairline slowly inches back until more and more of your forehead and temples are exposed. But that’s no reason to despair. There are stylish and trendy haircuts for men that totally hide a receding hairline. The best thing about our list of styles: There’s one for every hair length and to suit every taste. You decide whether you want an ultra short Buzzcut or a trendy Man Bun. Thanks to these and other hairstyles, your receding hairline is a thing of the past.

A side part makes a receding hairline disappear

Early stages of a receding hairline can be hidden by parting the hair on one side and creating a comb-over of sorts. Talk to your stylist about cutting a style that allows for a side part. When styling your hair, you sweep it to one side, hiding your receding hairline at the forehead and one temple, making the other side barely noticeable. Use a comb to part the hair neatly. Set the style with some wax or pomade. This hairstyle is perfect for the modern dandy. Hipsters wear it with a full beard. Advantage: This hairstyle looks super neat – and gentlemen wear it well!

A long fringe hides a receding hairline

Man with long fringe

A long fringe is a cool way to hide a receding hairline.

If you still have full hair, you can grow it and let your stylist cut you a fringe. Men with straight hair can get a mod-style fringe, worn swept forward. Curls look good with a tapered Undercut with soft transitions. Men with a high forehead and receding hairline could try a fringe that gets narrower towards the middle. Lean forward while styling, allowing it to fall across your face. Volumizing powder makes your hair look fuller, a matte finish wax gives the look texture. Shiny products, on the other hand, make  hair appear thinner.

Long hair hides a receding hairline well

Hairstyles with longer layers, like a Shag or Surfer Look, hide a receding hairline effectively. The Shag, for instance, plays with different lengths and creates an illusion of fullness. Dry shampoo or volumizing powder create a matte effect and add volume. Chin- or shoulder length Surfer Styles with a side part automatically cover at least one side of a receding hairline. Styling tip: Use matte paste or hairspray for these styles and accentuate individual strands using your fingers, but don’t over-use any product.

A tight Man Bun draws attention away from a receding hairline

Pull back long hair into a tight Man Bun. It won’t make a receding hairline disappear, but it opens up the face, drawing all attention towards it. Throw a full beard into the mix and no one will be paying any attention to your forehead any more. For the Man Bun to be effective, you should have relatively thick hair. If your hair is thin or thinning, choose a different hairstyle. For a Sleek Look, work wax into your hair and spread with a comb as needed.

The Buzzcut offers a gentle transition for a receding hairline

Man with receding hairline and Buzzcut

The transition between short hair and a receding hairline is barely noticeable if you have a Buzzcut.

The Buzzcut is the last resort for a seriously receding hairline. The modern, on trend cut is the perfect way to soften the blow of any bald patch. The transition between super short hair and no hair is gradual, because for this style the hair is cut so short, the scalp is visible. Another plus: No need to style. However, the Buzzcut does require some upkeep to retain the minimal length. You can easily do this yourself at home, but go to a professional stylist to deal with an uneven scalp.

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