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Stars Styling Their Long Hair

Women who call a head of silky long hair their own love to wear it open. We wondered how the stars wear long hair and what it takes to style long hair to its best advantage. A proper haircut is the necessary foundation. Then there are creative styling elements, which make all the difference. We looked at the long hair of stars like Anna Faris and present our ideas on styling long hair

Some women always gather their long hair to a ponytail, chignon or updo. Usually, they are not too concerned about the way their hair would look if they would allow it to cascade over their shoulders. By contrast, a proper haircut is of the essence if you rather like to wear your hair open. This haircut and dedicated hair care are the basis for beautiful, healthy looking long hair.

Styling Long Hair: The Proper Haircut is the Foundation

Open long hair may be cut in many different ways. It may be fully layered or only part of the hair may be layered. The ends of the hair may be cut to a blunt or round shape. You may wear long hair with or without fringes, which may be long or short, symmetric or asymmetric.  

Anna Faris und Padma Lakshmi (see our featured images) have admirably styled their long hair. The middle parting in Anna Faris’ blond, well-defined waves is barely noticeable. Her fringes are straight. Her hair is straight to about ear level.

Very prominent in Padma Lakshmi’s dark brown hair is the short side parting. The hair above her forehead is combed to the side along the hair line. The hair on the same side as the parting is pushed behind the ear. Her slightly wavy dark hair is allowed to fall naturally over her shoulders.

Styling Long Hair: Extra Hair Elements

Small extra styling elements and carefully chosen accessories give long hair its appeal, style, and pizzazz. Long strands over the forehead can be gathered and secured in the back of the head. The covering hair can be combed back with gel to create a wet look. The long ends of the hair can be swept over one shoulder either straight, in waves or in curls. There is no limit to your creativity. Tools like the flat iron, the curling iron, bobby pins, clips or hair accessories like Alice bands, barrettes, and hairbands come in handy.  

The stars in our gallery show a few of the many ways to wear long open hair. In his video, our hair expert Armin Morbach shows how to turn long open hair into a trendy hairstyle with quiff. It takes only a few steps.

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