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5 Fast Styles for Long Hair

Long hair, long styling time? Not necessarily! We show you five sensational speed styles that put you in top styling shape in less than 10 minutes. Fast and appealing: Sexy wet look, trendy tuck-in or sweet strand parade – minimal effort, maximum results!

You are short on time and your hair isn’t right? Don’t stress, we have the hair solution: Speed styling. So you can stay entirely relaxed! With the trendy wet look for instance: wet hair styled back, wet hairline with flexible head band or wet strand styling – when you have to style your hair under time pressure, the wet look guarantees quick styling. Uncomplicated to maintain a good mood! But we also have some highly effective quick styles for dry hair.

Five hairstyles created in less than ten minutes – let’s go, the clock is ticking:

1. Fast Style in the Wet Look

The wet look style is a genuine quickie (in the positive sense) – easy to style and absolutely refreshing! Suits everyone. The main attraction: The hair looks wet although it is dry.

Styling instructions: Rub a walnut-sized amount of gel on your fingers and distribute it in dry hair up to ear height. Rub another small portion into your hair if needed, comb it in and then secure with hairspray.

2. Fast Hairstyle with Flexible Head Band

Fast styles for long hair
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Fashionable, practical, snappy: The flexible head band is an all-round hair styling talent

THE hair accessory from the 90s celebrated its comeback on our heads last year already! We are hanging on to the flexible head band this season, mainly thanks to its uncomplicated styling options. In casual beach waves or pinned up, the zigzag band makes any hairstyle a jaunty eye-catcher – in just a few minutes. Our tips for speed styling: Undone waves with a wet hairline!

Styling instructions: Apply some salt spray to towel-dried hair and work in a hazelnut-sized amount of hair gel at the hairline.
Put in the flexible head band and push it a short distance towards the back of the head.
Let the style air dry and you are done!

3. Fast Ponytail Hairstyle with Strands

Fast styles for long hair
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The ponytail is pimped up in a hurry and styled with a new front

Simply sophisticated: When you are looking for a quick hairstyle you tend to end up with a ponytail. To pep this classic up a bit, give it a sleek touch and create a charismatic hairline! Pssst: It looks more difficult than it is.

Styling instructions: Rub a generous amount of hair gel between your fingers and distribute it from the hairline to the ends. Pull two strands out at the front and form a short centre or side parting. Tie the rest of the hair back into a severe ponytail. Pin back the two sleek strands to the sides. Last but not least: Apply hairspray to all of it!

4. Quick Tuck-in Hairstyle

Fast styles for long hair
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Easy to put away: The tuck-in style in the summery scarf version

The trendy tuck-in hairstyle requires no styling expertise at all: Simply tuck long hair into a polo neck or coat collar (autumn/winter season). For summer the trendy style is easy to create with a scarf: 'Je ne sais quoi' attitude included!

Styling instructions: Form a centre parting and comb the hair straight back. Tie a light scarf around the neck AND hair (at the back of the neck) and slightly loosen the hair above the scarf for some volume.

5. Fast Loop Hairstyle

Fast styles for long hair
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Quick to style and lasts all day: The hair loop tied low

We sing 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah' while styling the hair loop – that’s how easy the speedy trend style is to tie! Trendy, messy charm is added to the low-tied pigtail with loose strands. Thumbs up!

Styling instructions: Gather your hair and tie it into a loose hair loop low on the neck. Let a few strands fall out casually to create the undone look, finished!