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Hairstyles to Fit Ethnic Fashion Styles

The new fashion is rich with ethnic motifs and colourful traditional patterns. You may want to adapt your hairstyle to fit the eye-catching kaleidoscope of colourful styles and geometric patterns. We took our clues from the hairstyles chosen by the models for the fashion houses Lena Hoschek and Etro

Ethnic fashion takes its colours and shapes from all corners of the world including Africa and South America. Modern styles, colours, and patterns may give new life to the colourful outfits of the Roma and Sinti who moved west from India to Europe in the 11th century. We know them as 'gypsies'. Their history is manifested in their traditional garb. We enjoy the bright traditional colours and artful designs. The fusion of cherished worldwide arts and traditions still happens in today’s life and fashion

The Wealth of Different Ethnic Styles

A little more familiar is the European style of the 1950s with feminine pencil skirts and the focus on the waist. Long dresses, white blouses, fringed outfits, and batiks are reminiscent of hippies and flower-power times. Fashion forward accessories include statement necklaces and large earrings. How about the hairstyles fit for the journey into nostalgia? We prefer feminine or casual styles.

Ladylike Hairstyles to Wear with Your Ethnic Outfits

Hairstyling Ethnic Fashion Trend
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The hair band with a pattern inspired by African art in calm but saturated colours directs the eyes to the voluminous updo (design by Lena Hoschek)

Feminine silhouettes and colourful traditional fabric patterns combine to soft ethnic styles in the Lena Hoschek fashion house.

The colourful patterns of the outfits call for similarly eye-catching hair elements or accessories such as a wrapped voluminous chignon high up in the back of the head (use a hair donut for extra volume). An artfully knotted wide head scarf or bandana adds pizzazz.

Tip: The colour of hair accessories should match and enhance the top of the outfit to create a pleasing unity of design elements.

Feminine Hairstyles for Casual Ethnic Outfits

Hairstyling Ethnic Fashion Trend
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Ethnic styles created by Etro (left photo) and by Pucci (right photo)

The fashion houses Etro (left) and Pucci (right) introduced the casual side of ethnic styles with bohemian and Hippie-style outfits. Lace blouses, American Indian-style patterns, maxi-dresses, and colourful ornaments define this style.

Natural hairstyles with or without parting fit the bohemian style clothing well (left photo). Loosely falling waves are another hairstyle, which is very suitable for the young and casual outfit. More defined curls are another option if you want to create a less casual impression. The long straight fringes add a modern touch (right photo).