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The Way is Up: Bloggers Love to Wear High Chignons

Stars love to crown their heads with high chignons and so do bloggers. Once bloggers embrace a style, it will soon become a world-wide trend. Look for the stylish updos in the streets, at work, and at play

Women love to wear chignons because the style seems to adapt to individual women and occasions. The practical chignon flatters every face and looks good with any hair type. Let’s not forget how practical chignons are. They are a great choice for so many occasions whether you want to party, work, study or play; chignons even add charm to your style on a bad hair day or when styling must be a matter of minutes. Whatever your plans are, a big event or fun time with your friends, your hair is conveniently tucked out of your face and does not interfere with your activities.

Melissa and Her Chignon

© Melissa Pasquale / My Concrete Catwalk

Meet Melissa (! Her carefree outfit and hair style fit her attitude

Melissa ( usually tucks her long curls into a somewhat messy chignon. The 22-year old college student loves this hair style so much that people are surprised when she tries any other hair style. She likes the chignon because it is very elegant even though it is easy to style. Besides, Melissa's curly hair is eye-catching: "Gathering my hair to a chignon focusses the attention on my outfit and my face not just on my hair." Red lipstick seems to fit the high chignon best. Melissa finds the combination simply stylish.

Maddy’s Chignon

© Maddy / Maddinka

Maddy wears her high chignon with bandana in the fifties style

The young Polish woman Maddy shows her favourite rags and newest acquisitions in her blog Her straight brown hair always looks awesome. Quite often she gathers it in a messy chignon. Her long round fringes add a soft and pretty element to her style. Sometimes, she twists a bandana around her head in the fifties style.

Audrey's Chignon

© Audrey Rogers / Frassy

Blogger Audrey with Extra-Large Chignon

Didn't we see her star in a movie? No, Audrey is no Hollywood star. Her style gives this 23-year old American her star appeal. She shows this abundance of style not only in her adopted home Paris but also in her blog ( Audrey’s elegant yet casual chignon matches her outfit perfectly. This outfit consists of a signal-yellow skirt and jacket set, which is set off with a black dotted long-sleeve top. Who likes Audrey's style? The freelance photographer and published writer keeps a blog and manages her online shop Frassy Rags where you find what the name promises, frassy rags and spectacular accessories. Our favourite is the feather necklace.

How to Style the High Chignon

Tautly gather your hair to a ponytail on the crown of your head and secure it with a scrunchy. Now wrap strands of your ponytail around the scrunchy using bobby pins to secure the strands. Applying some hair spray keeps the chignon organised quite a bit longer.

In case your hair is fine: Tease your hair in the upper back of your head before you gather it into a high ponytail. Using volumising powder adds even more volume.

Would you rather like to wear a larger chignon? Simply pull your ponytail through a hair donut (also known as bun shaper). Then cover the hair donut with strands of your ponytail until the donut is completely covered. Secure your hair around the chignon with hair pins.

By the way, Melissa ( tried the chignon version with added hair donut. However, she noticed that she was adding volume to already thick hair. "The hair donut made my chignon almost too big", she remembers. Simply try it and see what happens!


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