Man with extreme bowl cut haircut
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Are you up for the extreme bowl cut?

The extreme bowl cut is one of the hippest ways to style men’s hair. You need to be brave for this trend but you’ll reap the rewards knowing that you’ve won the prize for trendiest men’s haircut of summer 2017. So who can wear it? Read on

There are haircuts that suit almost every man. The capri, for example, a classic amongst haircuts. Or the quiff, another easy-to-style look that most men can wear. And then there are the specials, like the angular, harshly cut bowl cut. Some will remember it from childhood when it was known as the mushroom, but that was nowhere near as hip as today’s trend.

The bowl cut reinvented

In the 2017 version of the bowl cut, the top hair is cut straight around the head at eyebrow level while the sides and nape are shaved. That’s why it takes some nerve to wear it. But this is a dream style for creatives, ideal for confident young men in their twenties and thirties who are totally cool with trying out edgy new styles. One word of caution: however cool the bowl cut may be, it’s definitely not a conventional or serious style. So if you’re not a graphic designer or a street artist, and you don’t work in a gallery, go for a softer version of the cut where the hair is mid-length and lightly layered.

How to style

Styling the bowl cut doesn’t take long. After washing (4) your hair, use a styling spray and then blow-dry. Don’t make the hair too smooth: this reinvented bowl cut needs a messy finish. Finally, warm a little styling wax between your fingers and work it into the top hair. And then wait for the compliments.