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2016 Hairstyles for Men

One man, many possibilities. Men have all kinds of freedom for styling their hair in the coming year! Short or long, bold, modern or natural – the haircuts of tomorrow do it all, except for adhering to dusty old styling conventions. We reveal the trendy hairstyle versions for 2016

What makes a man? Music legend Herbert Grönemeyer asks himself that to this day. No wonder since guys are always reinventing themselves. Perhaps that is exactly where the answer lies. Men have a mind of their own – and want to choose their own hairstyle. The 2016 trends for men accommodate this desire: They can choose hair in various lengths, new colours and highlights along with attention-grabbing accessories. What they ultimately choose is of course up to them. After all, that is what makes a man.

Discover men’s hair trends in our gallery:

Gallery: 2016 hairstyles for men

Hair Colour Trend 2016: Ice Blonde

2016 hairstyles for men
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Daddy cool: Cool blonde is among the new hair-lights for men

Classic black and brown have long dominated trendy men’s heads. But a new hair colour calls the shots in 2016: Ice blonde. The palette of the frosty blonde hues includes platinum, which now brightens short to mid-length men’s hair. This distinctive look is a marvellously refreshing change from dark hues, appearing very young and modern. Next year, show that you have a bright head on your shoulders – guaranteed to leave nobody cold!

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