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Using Hair Gel

Classy or casual gelled hairstyles are an option no matter what time of the year it is. In the summertime however, they are a perfect style. In our gallery, male stars and models demonstrate today’s cool wet hairstyles. We also have some tips on using hair gel properly

There is no easier or more expedient way than using hair gel if you want to completely overhaul your hairstyle without much ado. Use hair gel to style short hair or sleek back long hair.

Gelled Hairstyles for Men from Casual to Elegant

Männerfrisuren mit Haargel
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Actor Colin Farrell (left) and Rupert Friend (right) used gel to style their hair. The suits complete the organised appearance

Gels consist mostly of liquid, which is trapped in the network of a polymer. Hair gels add water to your hair but this water will stay within this network for quite a while without dripping. Wet hairstyles are quite popular year-round, but they are particularly appealing during the summer months. The moisture from the hair gel keeps the hair in shape and makes it look glossy. These effects help to create hairstyles for times when you want to look particularly organised or spiffy.

Gelled hairstyles may be combined with elegant or casual outfits. Dependent on the styling, wet looking hairstyles can create an elegant or casual appearance. Colin Farrell and Rupert Friend (see the photos on the left) added gel to the hair and created enough volume to keep their hair from falling flat. Colin Farrell used his fingers to create his hairstyle. Rupert Contrast used a comb to give his hair a slightly more organised appearance. However, both hairstyles still have a modern casual note. Their hairstyles look terrific in combination with suit and tie and with T-shirt, jeans and casual jacket.

Gel-styled Hairstyles for Men
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These male models applied gel to their hair from the roots to the ends for their catwalk appearance

Hair gel is used to style short hair upward and away from the scalp or to sleek back longer hair. Short haircuts with longer hair on the crown of the head can be styled with ease using a small amount of hair gel to keep the longer hair in place. Exact partings look particularly stylish in gel-treated hair. Of course, you may prefer to sleek you hair back without parting (see above).

Singer Gavin Rossdale demonstrates another cool wet hairstyle for us (see the photos above). He either applies gel only to the top portion of his hair to style it back or he uses gel and a comb to sleek all his hair back into a chignon.  

The Proper Use of Hair Gel for Men’s Hairstyles

Gel-styled Hairstyles for Men
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Using hair gel and bobby pins to create the sleek hairstyle

To ensure the best possible styling results it is important to use the hair gel properly. If you allow your hair to air-dry you should apply the hair gel after shampooing while the hair is still damp. The hair gel should be applied to dry hair if you decide to blow-dry your hair. Less is more when you apply hair gel. Pick up a small amount of hair gel and distribute it between your fingers. Then use your fingers to apply the hair gel. It is always possible to add a little more hair gel. On the other hand, once you have applied too much hair gel, you must go back to square one, i.e. you need to wash the gel out of your hair.

Special Tips for Gel-Styling Men’s Hair

To ensure that your hair will be completely straight and sleek you may want to use bobby pins to keep your hair in place while it dries. A piece of tissue between bobby pin and hair prevents the bobby pins from leaving marks on your hair.

Please also note that hair gels (like hairsprays) come in various strengths. Select hair gels with less holding power for flexible hairstyles and the strong gels if you want your hair to stay in place.

Before using hair gel, you first need to decide whether you want bounce and a flexible hairstyle or whether you want to sleek your hair to your scalp and keep it in place for a long time. Then you can decide on a gel and style.