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Summer Style: The Coolest Headscarf Looks

Bandanas turn every hairstyle into a summer look. And here’s the best thing: With a bandana, it’s super easy to create a variety of styles. We show you how to work this trend, and just how cool headscarf styles can look!

This summer, fashionistas are crowning their styles with a particularly cool accessory: The bandana. The square scarf is a great, versatile hair accessory which can help you create a bunch of different looks: from rocker to retro, from super sweet to super sexy. Create different effects depending on the color, pattern and fabric type of your scarf. Cool looks can be created with the classic cotton bandana. This classic is usually made from sturdy dark blue or red cotton and features a paisley print.

For a more luxurious look, try a silk bandana. Since a silk scarf is generally slippery, prepare your hair accordingly. Tip: Volume powder or dry shampoo will give your hair more grip. It also helps if your last shampoo happens about a day before. For a cohesive look, choose a bandana in a color that matches one of the tones featured in your outfit. This will tie your look together.

But how should you tie your bandana? Here are five stylish ways using a cool headscarf that’ll put your hair in the spotlight…

How-to instructions: Five hairstyles with a headscarf

The bandana as a headband:

Woman with scarf bow in her hair

Sweet style for cool girls

For the cool 80s rockstar look a lá Axl Rose – frontman of Guns N’ Roses – you’ll need a cotton bandana in red or dark blue. Fold it into a triangle, then several times lengthways to create a narrow headband. Lay this across your forehead between your hairline and eyebrows and wrap it around your head, knotting the ends together in the back. For a luxurious boho or hippy version of the look, choose a silk scarf and create soft beach waves with big rollers or a curling iron beforehand. Add some salt spray or matte wax mid-lengths for texture and definition.

The bandana as a hair tie:

Woman with bandana as a hair tie

For this look, create a stylish low ponytail, and wrap a headscarf made of silk or cotton around the base. Leave the ends of the headscarf hanging long. Stylish variation: You can also wrap your bun in a bandana. Try silk for an elegant look, and cotton for casual-cool.

Retro-look with a bandana:

First, fold a cotton headscarf into a triangle. Lay the long side at your neck and the tip of the triangle on the top of your head. Bring the two lower points of the triangle from your neck together over the top of your head, and knot all three ends together.

The pirate bandana:

Again, fold your scarf into a triangle. Lay it over your head with the long edge facing forward, covering your hairline, and the tip of the triangle at the nape of your neck. Wrap the two ends of the cloth around your head and tie them together on top of the triangle tip at the nape of your neck.

Bandana with a twist:

Woman with bandana headscarf and tonally matching dress

Tone-on-tone: Perfectly styled from head to toe, thanks to a color match between bandana and dress

Fold your scarf into a triangle, then several times lengthways to create a narrow headband. Place the center of your headband in the back of your neck, and firmly wrap the headband forwards around your head. Twist the ends once or twice around each other on top of your head, then tuck them underneath the headscarf. This is an elegant look with a silk scarf. For a sweet look, use a cotton scarf and instead of twisting and tucking in the ends, knot them together and let the ends stick out. Tip: For more hold, anchor your bandana behind your ears with a couple of bobby pins.

How else can you style a bandana?

A headscarf makes a refreshing style statement in your hair. Here are some more ideas for what to do with a bandana:


  1. Bad hair days are a thing of the past with a bandana. Tame the beast super easily – and super stylishly!
  2. The bandana isn’t just for your hair: Wear it as an armband on your wrist or upper arm. Try this over the top of a denim jacket – we’ve spotted this style on several influencers.
  3. A bandana can also be worn as a scarf around your neck, or casually wrapped around your ankle. Cool tip for hot days: wet it before you wear it to cool you down.
  4. Don’t forget this beloved designer favorite: Use a bandana as a colorful highlight on the handle of your handbag.