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Hair Jewellery for All

Hair jewellery adds the crowning glory to your hair style. Slides, Alice bands, clips and barrettes are not only beautiful, they also tame the wildest hair

Rosamunde Pike
© Getty Images

Rosamunde Pike (An Education) shows off her shiny hair jewellery

Stars like Rosamunde Pike know how to accessorise, adding a glamorous touch to their outfits and adorning their hair with ribbons, feathers and flowers. There is only one hard and fast rule in accessorising: Less is more! Going wild with accessories quickly produces a gaudy impression. You should also make sure that the colour schemes are the same for the hair accessories, the nail polish, the hand bag and everything else.

It is of no concern however whether you wear a short pixie haircut or a flowing mane of curls. Pretty slides, barrettes, little caps or Alice bands add extra glamour to your hair style in a matter of seconds. Most of the fashion accessories are not all that expensive but they sure do a good job giving transitional hair styles the special polish. They can also conceal that fringes have not yet had time to grow in.

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Hair accessories made of soft materials like silk or very thin leather tend to slip in freshly washed hair. If you want to wear them you should consider using styling mousse, gel or hair spray