Woman with mullet hairstyle on the catwalk
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The mullet: it’s back!

They say that what goes around comes around … At this year’s Spring/Summer Roberto Cavalli, YSL and Rochas shows, some of the audience had a déjà vu when they saw models wearing 80s’ mullets with the new season’s garments. But the look has matured with time – a watered-down version even managed to convince some mullet-sceptics

Yes, the mullet’s back, featuring feathered bangs, short hair at the sides and shoulder length at the back. Think David Bowie, whose hair was almost as famous as his music. Decades later, this contentious style celebrates a glittering comeback and is being spotted crowning trendsetters’ heads.

The mullet, 2017 style

Woman with mullet 2017

Classic mullet as seen at Roberto Cavalli, Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2017

Full marks for bravery if you’re going for the mullet, especially if you’ve chosen the extreme version (feathered bangs, hair shaved short at the sides, shoulder length or longer at the back). But in 2017 the trendiest version is actually much less extreme: bangs are only lightly feathered and hang seductively to the eyebrows; the hair at the temples is layered, making a gentle transition to the longer hair at the back.

How to style the mullet

This trend revival looks modern and edgy with thick hair as it gives the feathered cut more volume than fine, straight hair. Tip: use hair spray for even more volume. For curls, we suggest a few puffs of styling mousse in damp hair to help keep the shape and tame flyaways.

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