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Super Easy: Create Curls Without Heat

Sure, curls can be styled with a flat iron or curling iron. But did you know you can create curls without heat? It’s gentler and the result is just as pretty. We’ll tell you how easy it is and what you’ll need to get the look

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Styling curls without heat? With the right tricks, it’s not that hard!

Create curls without heat? No problem! It’s super easy – and gentler on your hair. Really? Yes, really! You simply need a few tools, and hair that’s at least shoulder length. Here are three ways you can quickly turn your poker-straight hair into wild curls or soft waves.

1) Styling curls without heat using a headband

An easy method for wavy hair: Create curls with a headband. This is how you do it:


  • Slightly dampen your hair before you start – try a spray bottle filled with water. Brush the hair and place a headband over your ears.
  • Pick up a section of hair and wrap it once around the headband, from top to bottom.
  • Add another section to the first section and wrap both around the headband from top to bottom. Continue, gradually picking up and wrapping all your hair around the headband.
  • Finally, fix with a little hairspray.
  • Allow hair to dry and then remove the headband. Ta da! It's that easy to style curls without heat.

2) Styling curls without heat using drinking straws

Sure, straws are actually for drinking – but they can also be used to style wild curls!


  • Wash hair and separate out a section. The thicker the section, the bigger the curls will be. Thin strands create a tighter curl.
  • Wrap your section around a straw, then tie the straw in a knot.
  • Separate and wrap more strands until all your hair is wrapped.
  • For best results, let hair dry overnight to wake up curly!
  • In the morning, remove the straws, gently knead your curls and set with hairspray.

3) Styling curls without heat using hair ties

This is an extremely easy way to create curls without heat. All you need: Some hair ties (4). Ideally, choose the type without any metal parts to avoid hair damage and breakage. The result will mimic natural waves.


  • Dampen hair and create a center part.
  • Divide the resulting two hair halves into two equal parts again.
  • Pick up one of these sections, divide once again and twist these sections in opposite directions.
  • Wrap these two twisted sections around each other and secure with a hair tie.
  • Repeat the process with the rest of your hair.
  • Let the hair dry, then carefully undo your twists.
  • Loosen up the waves, warm a small amount of hair wax in your palms and knead through hair for better hold. Finished!
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Style heat-free waves using hair ties.

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