Woman with long hair and waterfall braids hairstyle
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Waterfall braids: Guaranteed to make an impression

...because this romantic style looks so intricate! And yes, it’s a little complex. But it’s worth it: Try waterfall braids for yourself

Searching for a fancy hairstyle for a wedding? Or for a special night out? Have we got something for you: Waterfall braids. This plaited style is a romantic variation of the French braid, and is sure to attract attention on any occasion. The eye-catchingly chic “waterfall” effect is caused by omitting a strand at each step of the braiding process. The upper parts of the hair hold a romantic braid, while the lengths fall loosely, one after another – like a waterfall. Here’s your how to…

Create your own waterfall braids

Unlike some other braided styles, waterfall braids work with many hair types and cuts: long or short, smooth or curly. With a little practice, you can easily achieve the look:

  1. Create a side part. Beginning on the longer side, take a section from near your forehead and subdivide it into three sections. Begin braiding as though you’re creating a conventional braid – i.e. let all three strands cross.
  2. When creating the second step of the braid, leave the lower strand hanging, and instead pick up a directly adjacent strand to continue.
  3. As with a French braid, gather a little more hair to the upper section and braid it in.
  4. Drop the lower strand again, and once again pick up and braid an adjacent new strand.
  5. The waterfall plait can be braided around the back of the head or end over the ears. When you reach the end, fix with a hair tie, bobby pins and hairspray. 
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