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Trying Your Hands at Braiding

If you love to include braids in your hair styling we have some nifty styling ideas for you! Weaving string cords into your braids may remind you of school days. You may also like to twist and twirl braids into your chignon styling. Today’s braided hairstyles can be extravagant, sophisticated or playful. All variations are beautiful

Old fashioned hair styling includes braids. This season, hairstyle variations with braids are popular. In our styling gallery, we show braided hairstyles to get you started on trying your hands at modern braids.

Gallery: Nifty Hairstyles with Braids

Braiding Changes the Hair Structure

Tackling Braided Hairstyles
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This season’s designs call for smart nonchalance. Models for Gretchen Jones show how easy it is to turn daytime braids into voluminous evening hairstyles. Simply undo the braids and tousle the hair with your fingers into a simple but effective style.

Your hair will almost look as if you crimped it if you gently comb your hair after undoing your braids.

On the left: Braiding hair will put tiny waves into your hair, which you may want to use as styling element in its own right.

Applying a hefty portion of hairspray will provide the desired hold.