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Oktoberfest Hair: Down-To-Earth Styling Ideas

What are the new hairstyle trends for Wiesn 2016? Traditional, modern, cool and classy! We put you in the best Oktoberfest mood: with all the latest do-it-yourself hairstyles for the dirndl and lederhosen – everything from the floral crown braid to the glamorous Gretel braid

Whether you like dancing on the ale-benches, going on wild rides or savouring cotton candy, gingerbread hearts and toasted almonds – Oktoberfest is twice as much fun with a stylish outfit. In addition to fetching dirndl dresses and cool lederhosen, one naturally needs the right hairstyle to get properly dolled up. We have selected the best hairstyle for every Wiesn type so you can choose the one that matches your personal folk festival persona:

Down-To-Earth Oktoberfest Hairstyles