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Simply Red: How Redheads Care for their Hair

Natural redheads rejoice! Your hair color is a real rarity. We tell you how to care for red hair to keep it healthy and shiny

La La Land was hardly the first, but the most recent blockbuster to show off red hair to maximum effect, when Emma Stone enchanted viewers with her fiery locks. Pale skin, piercing eyes and natural red hair amount to a whole lot of lively charm. However, redheads have to take particular care to look after their hair well. Don’t worry, we’ll explain exactly what you have to watch out for.


Ginger please: Redheads are rare

No other hair color is as mysterious and attractive, both to men and women, as red. Those who are blessed with natural red hair should count themselves lucky. Only two per cent of the global population has red hair. Redheads don’t just have a rare hair color, their hair is also a different consistency. Red hair is thicker, but redheads have less hair than blonds or brunettes. To do the special qualities of red hair justice, it requires special care.

Perfect red hair care

Red hair often goes hand in hand with pale skin and freckles. If you have this rare hair and skin type, you know you’re particularly sensitive to UV rays. That’s why women with red hair shouldn’t just protect their skin, but also their hair. Always wear a hat in summer or stay in the shade.

Woman with natural red hair

Ethereal beauty – Natural red hair with blue eyes and a porcelain complexion.

There are special hair care series for blondes and brunettes – less so for redheads. Men and women with red hair often have to resort to products for colored hair. Color shampoos, conditioners and masks contain some pigments that give red hair a beautiful shine when the light hits it. They usually contain UV protection, which protects your hair from those nasty rays.

If you have red hair, you should apply a mask once a week. Unlike conditioner, the caring and repairing substances penetrate the hair and strengthen it. They smooth the roughened hair surface damaged by drying, straightening and brushing, making it shiny, smooth and less frizzy. 

Special care products help tame a thick mane. Conditioners and masks are a must, and anti-frizz lotion and hair oil will add smoothness.

Bring out the best in red hair

Woman with naturally red, shiny hair

A unique look with shiny, well groomed red hair.

When it comes to makeup and clothes, the darker the red, the stronger your color palette.

Light redheads should stick to natural shades like light brown, green, beige or pearl. If nature has blessed you with a powerful red, you can go for dark brown, vibrant gold or emerald green.

When using a blusher, go for brownish hues. If lipstick is a must, aim for a shade similar to your hair or use transparent lip gloss.

Men should also own their red hair. Celebrity trendsetters like Ed Sheeran show us how it’s done. In our campaign #createyourstyle our model proves that an unusual hair color is something to be proud of.

To underline an elfin appearance, redheads can go all in with highlighter: Add glow to cheeks, nose and under the eyebrows for magical accents.