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Trend alarm: Everyone wants geode hair

The latest hair trend comes from the US and it’s everywhere on Instagram: geode hair. It’s shiny, it’s striking and it’s incredibly cool. Want to go geode? We take a look at the trend and share our tips about what to look out for

If you want to know how hot a hair trend is, just take a look at its social media love status. It happened with the balayage upgrade Tiger eye hair, and with granny style – and it’s happening right now with geode hair. Hang on, isn’t a geode one of those hollow mineral things you find in caves? Exactly. But the amazing thing about geodes is the color of the sparkling crystals hidden inside – mostly bright blues or shades of violet. And it’s this range of color that has made the new geode hair trend so irresistible.

How to color geode hair

Geode hair is just the thing for trendy young women who like to ring the changes and aren’t afraid of trying something a bit different. The coloring technique is similar to the ombré look. Which means that first you bleach the ends and then color the rest. How rich the color is, and whether it’s more blue or violet, is up to you. All that matters is that the tones match the natural tones of a geode’s crystals. In hair speak that means that the ends should be lighter and the color should gradually intensify as it gets to the top of your head.

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