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Exceptionally Soft: Pastel Coloured Hair

Do you want your hair colour to be light and lively but still look sophisticated? Do you like your hair to look fresh and bouncy yet have that certain allure to turn heads? If so, you may want to give pastel hair colours a try. Learn about the attraction of pastel hair colours and find out whether they suit you and your style. The stars and models in our gallery demonstrate the new hair colours

Soft candy floss, subtle macaroon brown, gentle flower colours, and demure sorbet shades are now part of the hair colour palette, and they are well on their way to becoming hair colour favourites. These soft colours enhance the beauty of your complexion and can be used to colour your entire hair or only streaks or part of your hair.

Subtle shades: Subtle colours settle on the hair like light morning mist. This imbues hair with refined elegance. Low-key colours add a flair of sophistication to your style but do not overwhelm and can be worn everywhere.

The designer duo Proenza Schouler was among the first to embrace the new hair colour fashion. The designers coloured the hair of their models mint green and lilac. Recently, Karl Lagerfeld created interesting pastel hair colours for Chanel.

Pastel Hair Colours –Do They Suit You and Your Style?

Pastel colours can be easily added to naturally blonde or bleached blonde hair. A colour rinse at home will tell you whether the new hair colour fashion is right for you. Pastel colours are ideal for light blonde hair because the soft pastel shades stand out and are easy to create.

Hair Colouring Tips & Tricks: Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are applied as colour rinses rather than as permanent colour treatments. This works out well for all who like to experiment with hair colours. If you don’t quite like a hair colour you don’t have to wait long for it to wash out. Colour rinses only last through a few shampoos. Pastel hair colour washes out faster if it is applied to damaged hair. You may like to give your hair the nutrients and time to recover and strengthen before the next colouring rinse.

Strict compliance with the hair colouring instructions on the package is essential. The ingredients must be mixed in the correct ratio and the leave-in time is also crucial for the colouring result.

Different from the customary colour rinses and semi-permanent or permanent colour treatments, pastel hair colour is applied to dry hair to achieve a more intense colour.

All coloured hair needs special care regardless how soft the colour may be and how it is applied. Diligent hair care assures pleasing and long lasting results. After rinsing out the hair colour, treat your hair to a leave-in hair conditioner. Whenever you wash your hair afterward, use shampoo for colour-treated hair.

Selecting the Right Hair Colour - Pastel peach nuances enhance the appeal of dark skin types. Discreet rosé gives blonde women a soft romantic look. Pale lilac shades create a cool and confident appearance.

Hair Colour for a Day – If you prefer to try out different pastel colours before deciding on a colour rinse you can easily do so with the help of pastel-coloured chalk. The chalk must be moistened before using it to create coloured streaks. One shampoo will remove the coloured chalk.

Gallery: Pastel-Coloured Hair