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Black Colour Trends: Stars Adopting the Snow White Look

Many stars swear by the black factor and are loyal to their dark manes. So there are new fans of this hair colour, who opted for this complete change from light to dark. We will show some of the prettiest stars sporting the Snow White look      

"Dark as night" say many women nowadays, when talking about their own hair colour. Leigh Lezark, for example, took the step and coloured her light hair a dark black. Although blonde is the natural hair colour of this model, the ebony look suits her extremely well. Ivory skin, black hair and her experiment-friendly audacity in the fashion world makes her a true style icon.

Black Colour Trends: Elegant, Enigmatic, Different

As well other stars have experienced the dark hair look. It does not matter whether you have always been loyal to the dark look or it is your first time trying it out – the Snow White look lends it own charisma to everyone.

Short, long, curly or straight, with or without fringe– the important thing is that it is black

We will show you some of the prettiest stars and admirers sporting dark hair in our gallery.

Gallery: Black Colour Trends

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