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Say goodbye to frizz forever: the best tips to prevent unruly hair

There’s nothing like a holiday. Trouble is, wherever the temperatures are higher, humidity often rises too. The result: a frizzy mess. But it doesn’t have to be like that. We say goodbye to frizz and provide you with tips on how to tame your hair  

Frizzy hair is a bit like sunburn. Or a headache. Completely unnecessary, and often an unwelcome surprise. Come rain or shine, frizz is there! By the sea, where humidity is bound to be high, the chances of a frizzy look goes up dramatically. It’s most annoying when you’ve spent a lot of time styling your hair. How is it even possible to prevent frizz? We’ve got the answer.

What is frizz and how do you get it?

Curly or wavy hair tends to get all frizzy. The reason is simple. Hair turns frizzy when it absorbs moisture from outside – in places of high humidity for instance. As curly hair is usually dryer by nature than straight hair, it’s more likely to go frizzy. It’s simply desperate for moisture and will take it whenever it gets the chance. As hair straightening can suck the moisture out of waves, curly hair loves to go frizzy when you’ve spent ages straightening it. Typical!


But damaged and colored hair can also go frizzy. Coloring your hair makes the cuticle layer rougher. Once it’s rough, moisture can penetrate the hair more easily and make it unruly.

How to prevent frizzy, unruly hair

So that frizz doesn’t even get a look-in, you need to be prepared. Most importantly, you need to prevent your hair from drying out in the first place. That’s why you should use a conditioning shampoo and conditioner, and treat your hair regularly with a hair cure. Use also a straightening fluid. This will seal the surface of your hair and bind the moisture into your hair, reducing the likelihood of frizz. It’s important to give the fluid a chance to work, which is why you need to apply it to soaking wet hair. Always finish off with hair spray. This will also prevent frizz and fix your hairstyle.

SOS-tip for frizz

Obviously, once the frizz has set in, preventative measures are no help at all. This is where you need to pull the emergency cord! You can get your hair under control again with a mini portion of hair oil or a straightening gel or cream. Put a drop of one or the other of these products into the palm of your hand and smooth it over your hair until you’ve got the frizz back under control. Our tip: if you don’t have any styling cream in your handbag, a little hand cream will do the job just as well.

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