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Hairbrush Guide

They are the must-have for routine care and styling: Combs and brushes are simply indispensable for everyday hair care. But which beauty helpers are best for what hair types and hair styles? Find out here. Plus: Tips for using and cleaning the Denman, Tangle, Teezer & co.

Stroke after stroke, hair brushes and combs do important work day in and day out: They remove styling residue, detangle the hair and give it pep, volume and gloss. But one cannot lump all hairstyling helpers together: Every hair type and beauty application requires the right brush. Check-up: What can each tool do, and where is it best used? The answers are provided in our gallery:

Hairbrush Guide

Tips: Application and Cleaning

From bottom to top
To avoid painful pulling and hair breakage, it is better to always start brushing at the ends. If you start at the hairline, already tangled hair is pulled even tighter, forming small knots.

Brush before washing
This removes dirt and styling residues even before shampooing. The hair also does not tangle as much while washing, making it easier to comb afterwards.

100 strokes a day?
The much-cited rule of thumb says we should pamper our hair with at least 100 brush strokes a day to keep it strong and glossy. Those strokes have a positive effect: Brushing stimulates circulation in the scalp, promoting the supply of nutrients to the hair roots and therefore hair growth. Oil from the scalp is also distributed through the hair, acting as a protective film. But a few strokes of the brush are sufficient for that. Avoid overdoing it, since that stimulates increased sebum production in the scalp and may lead to greasy hair.

Brush care is required too
Clean hair out of the paddle brush, Denman & co. after each use. This prevents the excessive accumulation of oils and styling product residues. You should also clean your brushes regularly, otherwise dirt and sebum are spread through the hair. Ideally brushes should be washed once a month. Here’s how: Moisten the brush with lukewarm water and lather it slightly with a mild shampoo. Then rinse thoroughly and lay it on a towel with the bristles facing down to dry.

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